Just about any product will have relevant affiliate marketing programs if you can find them regardless of the niche you have chosen…. Well this blog will help you do just that, whether its diabetic dog biscuits or the perfect protein drinks shakers, I will show you a few places to go looking.

Essentially the affiliate market is packed with affiliate programs for just about every product or service you can find. I have used a tennis theme here to show you the process of affiliate marketing and this is the way it works…

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Ok… so following the pathway on how affiliate marketing works.. it all starts with the blog.. You write on your chosen headline.. could be something like ‘ 10 Ways To String a Racket’ or ‘The Myth Of Pure Catgut Strings’ or ‘Do You Make These Common Tennis Stringing Mistakes’ … All valid blogging titles… (By the way I have an awesome tool to find killer headlines.. more later! )

So all these headlines involve products.. racket stringer, catgut strings and tennis tips… Each one will have an affiliate program that you can join.. and probably they will have more than one.


We all use Amazon. Amazon has a huge affiliate program. You can join it once you have some reasonable content on your website, doesn’t need to be packed, however, Amazon have a few criteria that you have to fulfil. They will approve you and you get onto their affiliate program YAY ! ? It was the first affiliate program i joined. Amazon sells EVERYTHING ! You can’t go wrong.. right ? WRONG ! There are few quirks to Amazon you need to understand…

  1. Do not ever be tempted to screen shot their products to use the image in your blog… They will bar you permanently. Only use their approved image link and embed it into your blog. Basically you go to amazon, find the product you want for your blog, go to the sitestripe at the top of the page ………. Click the word IMAGE (You can click Text if you are wanting just a text link or Text & Image if you want both) – There will be more on how to ‘do’ the Amazon affiliate program later.
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You can see when you click the word image it opens a box and at the bottom is a whole load of html code in orange box, along with your unique affiliate code. You copy that, nip back to your blog, add it to an html block in your wordpress blog and it will automatically bring the image of the socks…This has embedded the image into your blog as per the Amazon regs. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN USE AMAZON IMAGES.

2. When you first join Amazon, they will give you 6 months to make a sale. If you don’t in that time, they will drop you from the affiliate program. Do not worry, there are two ways around this…. either rejoin and carry on working on a sale – this is problematic in that you will have to redo all your amazon affiliate links. Or… you get a friend to make a couple of purchases on amazon through your links.

3. When a customer follows a link of yours to Amazon, whatever they put in their basket and purchase will result in commission for you. It doesnt have to be the product you are promoting. They can go purchase icing sugar or balloons or a bbq but if it was through your link, then you get the commission on everything they purchase. You should see some of the things people have bought following links from my affiliate website…. hilarious!

4. One bit of bad news though…. Amazon do not give high commission so you may sell a product that costs £150 of which you may only get £1.50. But the point of it is that you keep getting £1.50 or £3 or £.90 and they add up. As time goes on and you get better at which products to promote, and how to go about doing that, these commissions flood in.

Other Affiliate Programs

So Amazon is a more or less straightforward one to start with when you are beginning your affiliate marketing journey. There are tons of other affiliate programs on the internet for anything related to tennis and the millions of niches out there, not just products but services too.

Take a look at Rakuten/Flex Offers/CJAffiliate/Awin/Shareasale/Webgains/ MaxBounty – These are all affiliate marketing companies that will manage various merchants you will be familiar with..

Plus merchants themselves will have affiliate programs not through marketing companies at all… so when you find a product you want to promote, you may need to search around for their affiliate programs. If they are big company they will more than likely use one of the affiliate marketing companies I’ve mentioned above. If theyre small, approach them directly and ask if they have a affiliate program. If they do, they will have their own way of logging your referrals.

How To Work Out Which Program To Join

What you dont want is to have a long list of affiliate programs with only one or two products with each one. Its messy and confusing. Take a look at the ones mentioned, find those that feature the majority of the things you might want to promote. Stick with them. On my site, I have three affiliate companies within which I have joined 4 affiliate merchant programs that suit my niche market. Makes it so much easier to know thats where I go to get their affiliate links. You can start off with one or two and see how you get on. Sometimes there isnt a program for a product you want to promote. I have had this too and its just typical that its the one product that everyone asks me about. Just typical! But you have to roll with the punches. No point me not promoting it just because I cant get any commission from it. It was a product that I knew would be popular. Its life…

This photo below is of the home page of an affiliate program for Tennis Locker… this might be something you are experienced with or know about it to want to promote on your tennis affiliate website. You may be a huge tennis fan/player with the experience to research and blog about what you know best.

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