What Is WA?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that teaches how to start a business from home with emphasis on how to leverage business in the affilate market. However the training shows anyone how to build a website for any business. 

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to buy any products to sell


There are Millions of Affiliate products you could leverage that will not cost you ANY penny.

Imagine having the knowledge on How To own a business without buying products upfront. Who wouldn’t be happy to save particularly when you are just getting started.

The Zero cost on products gives you a high chance of succeeding as you have less to worry about; you do not have to worry about storing, delivering or dealing with customer complaints. This means that you can put more effort on Marketing.


The Low Down on Affiliate Marketing....



The Company Owner

The company sets up an affiliate programme for their products or services. They will offer a percntage of the products value ( or a set fee) for any customer referred to them by an affilaite marketer.

The Affiliate Marketer

The affiliate marketer builds a website within their chosen niche, writing blogs, articles, reviews, promoting products or services. A well established website will be highly ranked by search engines and over time their articles, blogs and reviews are found by their audience and they start earning commission from their affiliate merchants for the referrals. Small amounts but lots of them add up!

The Customer

Your customer will be online searching for a product or service. They will be searching using different keywords that you will have targetted in your blogs and articles. They come across your blog or article and you resonate with them, they like the way you write and you havce authority. This makes them feel reasured about what they are about to purchase and click on your link, go through to the merchant and buy. The product or service does not cost your customer any more than normal. The merchant pays your commission.

The Store

The store charges the customer the published online price and fulfils the purchase, sending the goods to the customer. It might be that the store and the company are one in the same  – such as Amazon. They have a very strong affiliate programme. 

What If You Don't Want To Do Affiliate Marketing?

That’s ok!

You can choose any kind of online business and have all the support that Wealthy Affiliate offers. 
  •  Dropshipping
  • Build A Website For Your Artisan Crafts
  • Promote Your Holiday Cottages
  • Promote Your Online Courses
  • Build A Website To Advertise Your Business
  • Self Help Website Offering Support 

So many reasons to build a website which without Wealthy Affiliate would be almost impossible.  


Wealthy Affiliate Make Things Possible !   Read Below For All The  WA Features ! 

Wealthy Affiliate Features

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It always helps to hear about how other people have done, a sort of reassurance that what you are considering does bring in the rewards. No one is afraid of hard work but a knowledge that it will work is always encouraging. So read about these members – Nathaniel, Grace and this is just a small snippet of his success!

Wealthy Affilite Success Stories



Nathaniel is a great example of how successful you can be with intermet marketing, earning over $1000 a day. Read More About Him.


Grace has been successful over the last couple of years, she has made it to Super Affilite level.  Read More About Her


Eddy is another great example of success at Wealthy Affiliate. He is a great advocate for working from home. 
Read More About Him.

Key Take Away….

For success in affiliate marketing, you need persistence and a willingness to learn. Its so easy to give up in the beginning, when you sped a lot of time with no financial results.
But there is money to be made in affiliate marketing if you have the right tools.
To be successful in anything, whether its like my son wanting to be a tennis pro, is an ongoing process.
You can’t learn everything in one go, there are too many balls straight off to keep juggling, but being realistic and following the programme, you will cope !
Read the blogs written by members… they lead you to other platforms with great information  – facebook, YouTube, other courses that will give you more insights.
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