Have you heard of Visme?


So you may be asking what is Visme used for and do I really need it?

Visme is a platform for creating engaging presentations, professional infographics and other awesome visuals for your website and I am going to review Visme so you can decide if it will help you and your business.

Images are super important to online marketers and we all get stuck at times to find suitable and captivating images for our blogs and articles. But even some of the vectors we can find are just not right and need adapting in Illustrator or some other graphic tool which is costly and time consuming.


 All the graphics in this article were made using Visme.



Why Do We Need Great Visuals?


The average person remembers only 20% of what they read but 80% of what they see. 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. That’s why visual content has become the single most important way to communicate, especially in today’s business world.  So a way of creating visual images to match the information we are wanting to get across is important to any online business..

We can use many of the great royalty free images available online but I find that frequently I need something different. I can’t quite find what I need or I need a graphic depicting particular parameters, thats impossible to find so what do I do? 


No way do you want to hire an expensive graphic designer or spend time learning complicated design software. I know that is something that I don’t want to have to pay for. So when I stumbled on Visme, I was interested to see whether it would solve a problem for me. I prefer to be in charge of my graphics. Its sometimes not easy to describe to a third party what you have in your head of how you see it being. 


Visme  is a simple yet powerful, all-in-one visual communication tool that allows you to create interactive presentations, infographics, visual reports, documents, printables, etc, in a matter of minutes.  They have over  1.5 million users from over 100 countries around the world so I thought it would be a good idea to review what they offer. 

Take a look at this video about Visme.

Features Of Visme

Visme is an intuitive platform which makes it much easier to for an online business owner to acheive their own graphics. I know the feeling when I’m trying to learn how to use a tool I want for my business… Its frustration at the proess of learning knowing that all I really want is to get on with the jpb in hand… Visme is so much easier to learn than other platforms I have tried and in using the tool I was able to create a really good inforaphic quickly and with, what I think was quality!

The features of Visme give you the ability to create infographics like this I made for another blog. I couldn’t have managed this with other tools. Scroll down to check it out and find out Visme Features.


Visme are over-run with templates.. too many to show here.. Templates for presentation, infographics, charts and maps, printables, website banners, social media and documents. Lets look at a few of them ….


Creating great professional flowcharts are easy to design with Visme and customisation is intuitive. Visme offer template flowcharts with many themes, from marketer to engineer.

There are hundreds to choose from, even on the free plan, totally customisable.

The style and design of the templates are varied, giving you the choice of how you would like to your flow chart to look  – as a basis,  with all customisable options from there. It might be that you dont want to change anything other than the text or you want completely move things around, either way, Visme will allow you to do this. There are more templates if you join the premiuim plan, more on this later.  Great to have a starter for something you want to put together without having to do ALL the work ! 




Graph Maker


Visme has a robust graphmaker to represent your metrics in an understandable and visually interesting way. As we know so much more is taken in when seen rather than read. I know that in my business, that using graphs etc in my articles, will encourage my readers to stay on the page so much longer. This is exactly what we want to achieve in business, the longer the reader stays, the more likely they are to do whatever action we are promoting.


Visme offer many different ways for you to choose from to use in your graph maker, ensuring thst you can present your facts and figures in a unique way.  It offers pie charts, par charts, histograms and many more ways that will appeal to you.  If you want to use a template to start you off, there are those too.  You can add icons and images to the graph maker includin your logo. 




Document Maker

The Document maker is versatile and clear for you to streamline the making of any document you might need. They offer suggestios for proposals, reports, ebooks, survery results, white papers etc.

There are charts and data tools to populate your documents, with fully customisable themes and data tools. You can add photos, vector icons, short moving infographics and used free for commercial use.

These document templates are only a minute selection of those on Visme.







Customisation Features

Visme offers a vast range of customisation features that are available to you on all the templates, the only limiting factor is your own imagination!  Visme offer over 40 charts, graphs, maps, tables, data widgets and icons that will  transform your  stats and figures into great visuals for your articles and blogs. 

Charts and Data Tools

  • Easy to use 
  • Fully customisable
  • Easy to add to any document
  • Adapts to your theme and colours

Photos and Icons

There is an extensive library or images and library photos

  • Access over 1,000,000 beautiful photos.
  • Beautiful vector icons and graphics with the ability to customise colours.
  • Use for free or commercial use in documents.

Diagrams and Flowcharts 

These charts makes it so much easier to create workflows and diagrams . 

  • Drag and Drop widgets
  • Fully customisable with your colours and themes. 

Videos and Tables

  • You can insert customised tables into your documents
  • Video and audio 
  • Embed external images and content such as forms, surveys, images.

Fully Customisable Option


Visme also had a function that if you can’t find just the right sized template or banner that you need… such as this one below that I made ….

You can create any template in any size and orientation you want along with a blank canvas for the other templates – presentation, documents, infographics etc

Your Own Images/Files


You can upload your own files – images, text, video into Visme so you can create material for your websites that are contextual to your business with your logo, colours and fonts. 


Whilst I have found all the features of Visme easy to navigate and produce amazing infographics etc, there might be an occasion when there is an issue…. But Visme have got you, they have a comprehensive section that you can access from the help button at the top of your dashboard.


This brings up a help section that is comprehensive and robust.Look at my screenshot below, this is only a very small snapshot of what they have covered.


I found this all very reassurring, that if I had a problem, I would be able to easily sort it out. 

They also include a section on tips – to get the best out of Visme. 

Made with Visme

Conclusion and Costs


Visme is a great tool for the online marketer. The platform is easy to navigate, with intuitive tools that make the whole process of creating infographics or presentations or even banners so much easier.


Often its not easy to find suitable royalty free images or have the option to get charts/graphs to visually show what you are trying to explain to your audience.


Visme is one of a collection of infographic tools that I have used.  I can use illustrator which is a great tool to have but the learning curve is huge.


Visme is much more straightforward to learn than Illustrator, it offers a starting point for those that need some help with the design aspect but allows for customisation and that creative flair.


Visme offers a free basic option which is perfect to trial the tool to see if it suits you and your business, the details are below about what is included in each price bracket.


Price list for monthly payment 
Price list for yearly payments
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