There is always so much to do running an online business – posts, pages, video classes, setting up courses, keeping track of the backend with plugins and updates, subscribers and theme issues. I find it tremendously difficult to get any reasonable social media presence. There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything.

What is the best social media social scheduler? I checked out so many before deciding which would work for me, and I could understand. So when I came across Tailwind, I was suitably impressed with what it offered me. What I don’t want is to have the issue of having to take time out of my day, every day to post to the various social media platforms. So a platform that I can post to Pinterest, Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram all from the same place is perfect along with the fact I can schedule posts several weeks ahead of time. They will be pinned on time!  It’s easy to upload images and share from any webpage.

If you want to know more about PINTEREST, ready my article




If we are going to be serious about our business, after all thats why I’m writing articles and you are reading them, the two most important social media platforms to crack today to build a stellar online presence, as I see it, are Pinterest and Instagram.

Istagram has been growing rapidly over the last 4-5 years and drives a huge amount of engagement. While Pinterest is the second highest referrer for social media traffic, Facebook does have a greater user base but the audience is much less likely to purchase than those on Pinterest.

Pinterest and Instagram can build you an organic presence and drive traffic and sales to your website without the need for ads. But for this to happen you need to be posting frequently to both.

You need to be posting around 15-20 pins a day to Pinterest and Instagram around 7 posts a week, so one a day.

The ONLY way to achieve this is with a scheduler…

But What Will Tailwind Do For You?

Tailwind’s Pinterest  and Instagram marketing tool does all this:

  • Schedules your posts.
  • Posts at the best times for you for your engagement.
  • Has a tool that repeats your content at an interval you choose.
  • Discovers related content you can share to add to your pin schedule.
  • Connects you with other pinners with similar businesses, to share content in Tribes.
  • Monitors your pins, and offers analytics on them.
  • Amplifies your reach, by repinners.

 I wil go in to much more detail on each feature below, so you have a full, all round review on Tailwind.  

So Lets Look At Tailwind in Detail..

First things first…

So what is this going to cost you?

No point in going further if you feel this is going to be too expensive for you. You do have a free trial first but I always think, there is no point in trying something and then liking it if I know that I won’t be able to afford it or want to pay for it.  But like everything these days, the shiny toys that really do make a difference to a business generally cost something.


Subscription Details….
Free Trial
  • First 100 pins on Pinterest.
  • First 30 posts to Instagram.
  • No time limit.
  • No credit card details taken on sign up.

Once the free trial is over….

  • Monthly at $14.99 for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter,
  • Monthly at $14.99 for Instagram.


  • Yearly fee of $119 for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter
  • Yearly fee of $119 for Instagram.
OK…. so that’s the bad news, now let’s look at what TAILWIND can do for you ! 


Go through SIGN UP, either choosing to sign up using your pinterest or instagram accounts.

It will automatically put you onto the free trial.

Follow the online instructions to complete the set up of your free Tailwind account.


Tailwind will then take you through a step by step quick guide on the basics. But I’ll show you all that here..

OK, so the first thing is to get used to the DASHBOARD.  This is the main frame for all your actions in Tailwind. This overview shows where everything is and I will elaborate on each feature below.


Create Your Pin

Check up the tips on creating a great pin in my article about Pinterest, just like this one here….  By creating the perfect pin template, following the tips in the article, you are already a huge step forward than those that dont follow any scheduling pattern. It allows you to create them at a faster rate i you use a tried and tested template. Only the image and heading to change.



How To Set Up Your Pin

The first thing to do to start setting your pins in Pinterest is to go to draft tab and click ‘create a  new pin’ on the right. It gives you a drop down menu where you choose upload a photo/video.  This is where you will upload your prepared pin and it will appear in the pin area just like mine has here. 

 How To Fill In The Pin Details 

Once the pin is completed and you have clicked to add it to the queue of pins, it will automatically be added to the next available schedule slot. As you can see the one available below is on Tuesday April 14 at 2.52am. 

If you don’t want the pin to be in that slot, you can manually move it by clicking on it and physically moving it to the slot you want. It might be that you want to have a mix of your own pins to your own website with pins from other likeminded entrepreneurs added to the schedule. Pinterest have an algorithm for pinning that ensures freshness and reduces repetition. Tailwind have a cute button, circled above, that reassures your pinning pattern and schedule are within the parameters set by Pinterest.

Its  good pinning practice to use pins from other likeminded people, Pinterest encourages this and it shows a good relationship with other entrepreneurs. 

Two Or More Boards

If you want to pin to more than one board at a time, thats fine. But one suggestion from Tailwind is that, for best effect, don’t pin at the same time or the same day, but stagger it. This way you get better engagement, so you can do this with the ‘Use Interval’ button that appears as soon as you choose more than one board. Click this and enter the details as to howe long you want the interval to be. 

Facebook/Twitter Pin Simultaneously

Pinning to Facebook/Twitter is easy from Tailwind. Click the box next to the social media you want to use. You need to add a caption for both and then when the pin is scheduled to post onto Pinterest, it will also post it to Facebook and Twitter. 


Ok, so we aren’t talking about these tribes but tribes of people with a common interest  that will help you grow your reach and traffic.

As online business entrepreneurs, we face two key issues when it comes to social marketing and tribes help with this in that they give you a steady stream of quality content to pin and get your posts seen by those that are looking for it. 

You are given the opportunity to join various tribes…  There is a search box for you to type in a keyword, this will bring up various tribes for you to join.


The tribes pop up with detais on how many are in the tribe, how active they are and the button will say ‘Click To Join’. You can join 5. Once you get to that point if you want more, you have to pay to power up. 

Where Is The Add To Tribe Button?

Pinning to your tribe is very easy as there is a button to click when you set your pin. 

Adding To A Tribe

The pop up will show you all the tribes you have joined. Choose the one you want to pin your banner. To the right you will see two numbers  – the firdt relates to how many times you have pinned to this tribe, and the second how many you can pin in a month. The alert triangle tells me that I have already pinned this banner to this tribe.

Remember that share and share alike is the motto here. You need to be actively taking part in sharing other members pins. Saves you a lot of time as its very easy to find pins to add to your scheduled time. It makes it much easier to get to 25 pins a day with Tribes. 



More Features

Finding Content

So as we have said, you can find fresh pins to add to your schedule and your own pins by joining Tribes and sharing their pins and adding yours to the tribes too, but you can also find fresh content to pin under your ‘Drafts’  – when you have no drafts, this space is filled with content that Tailwind thinks you will find interesting to pin. Another great feature making life easier ! 

Insights - Analytics

The insights for your Tailwind account are found here. They look into engagement for each pin, how often its been pinned, how many followers you have… Ive not long started using it so my stats are not that great but give me a month or two, it will be interesting to revisit. 

Smart Loop

The smart loop allows you to choose a cycle of pinning for your most successful pins. This allows you to set a timeframe to automatically repin without you having to do anything.



Tailwind allows a constant presence without having to pin all day long.

It allows pinning at regular intervals so no spamming.

Tailwind pins at the best times of day for best engagement.

Tailwind tribes are another source of pins to share.

It adds you to tribes who will share your pins.

Tailwind will loop pins so they keep posting automatically.


Tailwind has shown that with the plus programme, engagement is much higher and so enabling you to reach more of your audience.

More Engagement In Terms Of Repins On Plus Plan Than Free Plan.
More Followers On Plus Plan Than Free Plan
More Pins Published On Plus Plan Than Free Plan.


Whilst there are many other scheduling tools on the internet, and my plan was to check out many of them to give an unbaised review but after I started using Tailwind to offer usability insight, I realised that I would have to change the reviews to a ‘How To’ type article…. I found Tailwind easy to get used to, easy to set the pins, taking maybe an hour to set 60/week. It’s not up to the 25/day that’s recommended by Pinterest but I’ll get there, gettimg into the routine of pinning on a Sunday. Try it for yourself for free… 

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