Reddit is an online platform with thousands of catagories. It houses thousands of communities, with never ending conversations, from foodies to baseball, political news, tv shows and internet trends. All these conversations are with likeminded people wanting to know more, share their thoughts and add value to their websites by sharing their knowledge and experiences….. there are communities for almost anything you can think of… so sure to be several that would offer opportunity for you to engage with a potential audience.


I heard about Rreddit when I first started my entrepreneur business, but I didn’t think it was something that would help me.  There is so much to learn when you start a business, its all a bit overwhelming…


So this is my review of Reddit from the inside. I thought this wouldn’t be a platform that I would be interested in having a presence on, but every day millions of people visit and comment, that’s got to be somewhere we all should be showcasing our businesses.

The statistics  they publish on their sign up landing page are impressive.  More than 430 million users every month is a lot of traffic, some of that onto my website would be excellent!  There are 130 thousand active communities and as you will learn from my article, they are on a wide range of niches. So not everyone of those 430 million will be interested in working online, but there will be a significant number, not an audience you can afford to lose.

 More Reddit Features To Know About 

Front Page

This is different for every redditor. It’s made up of the subreddits you subscribe to, so its content that has already been approved for subreddit communities. New users front pages are populated with default subreddits until subscribed subreddits appear.


This is the metric give  to redditors to represent their contributions to the reddit community. Each redditor has ‘link karma’ and ‘comment karma’. It shouldn’t be a goal for the marketer but an indication of the level of authority. The higher the karma the more trusted you are. 


Admin ‘[A]’ only step in when issues cannot be resolved by the moderators.


Moderators are community managers. They can remove posts and comments, mark them as spam, ban users but also invite them to be moderators. If you create a subreddit, you are automatically assigned as the top moderator and can override other moderator decisions. 


Do not submit links to blogs, this is considered spamming.  There is no link posting allowed or requesting for upvotes. 

Joining Subreddits

Choose your subreddit communities carefully. These subreddits are where you will increase your traffic. Use keywords both in combination and individually to find the right subreddits.  Join and contribute. 


Your inbox keeps a record of your comments, private messges and moderator mail .


The whole idea is to listen and not sell. Listen to what is said in your subreddits, what do people want? They are your audience. They are looking for information, so listen to them. Answer questions – advise/guide/comment

Build Your Profile



  • You are presenting your brand, and on building your profile, you need to have a strong authority.
  • Your brand needs to portray trust and reliability.
  • Use your business name for your username.
  • Do not over do self promotion.
Reddit Rules

Reddit Rules

  • Don’t be overwhelmed by the rules but know what they are!
  • Each subreddit will have their own rules.
  • Check the rules for each subreddit, you will be banned if you do not follow them.
  • Do not self promote in the early stages.
  • Build karma first, show engagement.
  • If you are unsure whats allowed in a subreddit, ask the moderator.
  • Remember you are dealing with a human, so polite/professional.
Subreddit Do's

Subreddit Do's

  • Use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Ensure your submisions are factual and not opinionated. 
  • Is your article duplicating information?
  • Repost only if you feel your article didn’t get the attention it deserved.
  • Always link to a permanent page.
  • Offer constructive criticism – carefully and tactfully.
  • If an article contributes to the conversation, then upvote!
Subreddit Dont's

Subreddit Dont's

  • No illegal activities.
  • Do not post personal information or link to it.
  • Do not be rude.
  • Do not join in any rabble rousing, leave others who may be arguing.
  • Do not troll
  • Do not insult
  • Do not downvote any otherwise acceptable article

Generally be a decenthuman being and respect others online just as you would in person. 

Reddit is a lively platform to both gain knowledge about your niche to help in your business but also promote your business to others on the platform. Sticking to the rules and following the Reddit way will open your website to new traffic and and audience that will engage with you but to achieve this, you need to show patience.  Having said all this, there are those on there that blatantly flout the rules and regulations and I have seen a fair amount of bad language being used.  Best advice is to avoid those subreddits.

I will continue to use Reddit, offering comments, upvoting etc and see where it gets me. It takes some getting used to, with so many different rules but don’t be put off by them, any  business-like person will not have a problem with the rules. Theyre there to keep the platform decent and unoffensive for us all to florish. 



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