What is Diib? And do you need yet another tool to help with your online business?  I am a glutton for shiny new objects but after a colleague of mine brought this to my attention I have tried to be more subjective in what I choose to purchase.  Diib comes into this catagory….. But rather than jumping in head first, paying the monthly fee, forgetting I had it and wasting all that money, I decided a decent trial was in order. I am always looking for something that will give me answers… answers to why I haven’t got a lot of traffic, why my audience don’t stay long on my pages… but I don’t often get the right answers to those questions. I want to find out if Diib will tell me the answers.

They offer you 3 days to see if it is something you could work with. I personally think that isn’t long enough but signing up doesn’t tie you into a long contract, you can cancel it at any time you like, so I suppose that is something.

 This review should assist you in making an informed decision as to whether Diib will help you. In this comprehensive review about Diib we are going to take an in-depth look at the platform tool,  all the ‘tools’ it offers and the cost of joining to help you figure out whether this tool will work for you.


Get Started For Free!

Diib offers a free three days. But what is Diib? Well its a marketing platform designed for the beginner with professional results. I have tried to use some of the other  marketing tools online  but always felt they weren’t talking my language. So lets see what its all about…. 

So What Exactly Does Diib Do For You?

A quick look here at the features. More detail further into the review….

Website Health

Various parameters are measured here.  Things like backlinks, domain authority, mobile speed, health with Facebook and Google…

Daily Health Score

Gives you an indication on how your website is doing against the parameters set by Diib… 


Website Ranking

Various parameters measure how well you are doing so these are things you need to set up. 


Annual Growth

Always interesting to know how you are getting on. We all understand dollar/pound signs so a good quantatative impression.


Targets to work on with Diib help and suggestions to improve your online business.



What is going wrong with your business, what can be done to improve the situation. 



Various metrics on bounce rate, how long your audience stays, which pages they view,  new visitor/returning. 

In More Detail……

I find it tough to work out what is going on with the metrics of my website, so even being told what is wrong doesn’t mean I can actually do anything about it. So Diib gives you the inside information about your website and guides you  through the process of rectifying issues.

Ive done a really quick overview below. Sometimes despite the whole review you might have read, when you get onto the platform you can tell straight away that its not for you, so at least you get to see what it looks like… I think its pretty appealing ! 

Website Health

  • SSL Certificate – Secure Socket Layer, this is the protection you get from your domain hoster. 
  • Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. Predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). Scores range from 1 to 100, with higher scores showing a greater ability to rank.
  • Facebook – Monitors your social media metrics. 
  • Sitemap -File where you provide information about pages, videos,etc and the relationships between them. Google reads this to more intelligently crawl your site.
  • Email Deliverability – Monitoring of emails to make sure they are getting through and not getting stuck in spam folders. 
  • Mobile Speed– Checkups on mobile speed is good, more than half traffic comes from mobiles. 
  • Backlinks – As we all know these show search engines that our site is an authority.
  • Google My Business – Various insights including click through rates etc
  • Keywords – Total number of keywords you are ranking for. 
  • Google Analytics – Various metrics are monitored by analytics, which Diib can decipher.

Daily Health Score

 This is Diib’s overall assessment of how your website is doing in general. Taking various parameters into consideration and giving you a visual daily score of how they think you are doing. Closer to 100% and youre performing as they expect. Over 100% and you’re doing better than expected. Less than 100% and you need to pull your socks up ! Some times I have found though that the internet speed of your service can affect this. 

Website Rank

Website ranking compares your site against other websites. The letter grading is for traffic, social, mobile and visitor experience are updated regularly and are worked out using various metrics and analytics. So whilst this site is pretty new, so not much traffic yet, understandably, but visitor experience definitely a good sign.  


Various metrics build up a picture of issues on your website. Diib can alert you to them and show you how to fix them now. This may take a few days or weeks to see overall improvement but rather than leaving you high and dry, they show you what to do to improve the situation. 


Its good to have a focus for the maintenance of your website. I struggle with this. Im good at content, visual experience etc but as far as the metrics of my website, I struggle, so Diib is great at offering objectives and focusing on this aspect of the business. 

Objective Focus

This particular objective is the first for my new site. Its suggestiong that my mobile appearance of my site is not good enough, Im not getting returning visitors from mobiles, and as you can see from the screenshot its telling me what Diib can do for this and will walk me through the process of improving this. 


Diib is a great tool for a beginner entrepreneur with not a lot of funds for ‘bells and whistle’s tools to improve and increase both traffic and revenue.  I struggled with some of the competitors for Diib.. I found them confusing, expensive, counter-intuitive and they left me struggling to work out how to improve the issues it highlighted. With Diib, whilst it hightlights the issues, it also talks you all the way through the process of unravelling the ball of wool that is website metrics. Even Google analytics is frustrating.. seeing all these bar charts and graphs. What do they mean? and what  do I do about sorting out problems…. well Diib will do this for  you.  Oh yes, you still have to do the work,  but they make it much easier by walking you through the process and monitoring the results.  

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