During your time as an affiliate marketer, you will create hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate marketing links… This is the way that the merchant you are promoting knows who sent the customer to them, so they know who to pay. Your affiliate marketing links will be unique to you, and you will find your promotion stats on the merchants website to check which products you are promoting are converting through to sales.

For example……

Lets say you have a niche that promotes festival paraphernalia. This could be tents, raincoats, instant cameras, water bottles, backpacks, wellies, solar showers or even vintage festival t-shirts. You might be promoting all sorts of festival stuff, things that anyone doing the rounds through the summer would be glad to get all in one place, or maybe you specialise in one thing only, like the vintage festival t shirts or solar showers – great when the ones provided on the camp site give up from overuse!

The point is its a great example of a niche.. You don’t have the vintage festival t shirts yourself, you are interested in them as part of your niche, you simply need to know where they are available online and which company markets them…

Lets say that I liked this festival t shirt and it fits in well with a blog I was writing about performing acts at the latest music festival, I would add in links for the reader to go off and buy one of the shirts.

Steps To Creating A Link

  1. Find out who markets the shirt……eg Amazon.
  2. Go over to Amazon and join their affiliate programme…
  3. Find the product on Amazon and collect your unique link from the sitestripe bar, at the top of the page and link that onto your blog in wordpress. This means that whenever anyone comes along and reads your blog and thinks.. oh I like that t-shirt, I want one, they can click the link and go directly to amazon to purchase. You in due course will then receive a small commission from Amazon for promoting them. Its not a huge amount, a percentage of the purchase price so for a music t-shirt, its likely to be a few pounds or dollars, but they all add up..

    To know where to find affiliate marketing links, read ‘Where Are All The Affiliate Programs‘ blog for more information on how to find your affiliate links.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Links

Amazon makes it very easy to find the link for their product. Once you are an affiliate member of Amazon, you will see the site stripe at the top of the page…. This is where your affiliate link is located.

You can take the text only/ Image only/text and image to embed the code given onto your website…. Be sure you know how to embed Amazon links properly, they have specific rules as to how this should be done. Never screen shot any of their products.

Some affiliate companies give you a single code to use for the whole of their website, so you can only link to their homepage and your customer then would navigate to the desired page. These tend to be much smaller companies which are really great for those ‘nifty’ gadgets or gear… I have one or two like this. I keep their details in Asana on a code section so they are handy to find.

Most companies are part of affiliate networks like Linkshare which, will allow you to apply to your chosen company’s affiliate marketing program, like Macy’s or John Lewis within their interface. Once you have been accepted onto their program you can get banners for advertising, links to promotions they might be running but also links to the specific product you are looking for. The interface will also allow you to make custom links so you can send your customer directly to the page of interest, making the purchase process easier, hoping this will encourage your customer to buy.
Each company will have their own percentage of commission, so check those out when you apply to their programs.

The custom links you receive from the affiliate network for your chosen company can then be embedded onto your site by using a link button or a highlighted word that once clicked will take your customer directly to the product.

Take a look at the photo of the previous section. I have highlighted ‘link button’ words, which is the first step in adding a link to your blog.

Then you click the link icon which brings up a little strip for you to type in the page that you are linking to. You can do this either by visiting that page and copying the link from the browser or by typing www.yourwebsite.com/the-name-of-the-article. That will create the link.

Amazon, once you are an affiliate, will allow you to collect your link from the site stripe once you have located the item you want. This yellow highlighted link is the link you put into the box above where it says ‘paste URL…. ‘ then you click the left hand arrow and the link is set.

This is how you set an affiliate link. Different companies pay out different percentages for their affiliate marketers so the more traffic you can attract to your website, the higher the chance that they will follow your links and purchase something from one of your affiliate companies.

If you would like to start your own website, and have not heard of Wealthy Affiliate, go take a look, there is so much more information there to help you on the way.

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