I started with Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago now and it has been one amazing journey ever since. I have to admit that when I started, I didn’t really believe I could earn any income from an affiliate website, actually I didn’t even know what ‘affiliate’ meant, had no idea how to build a website, I never did computer skills at school, and no clue how I would achieve what I was being told…. but today I earn over $50 a day !

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing, in which a business rewards the affiliate marketer for each visitor or customer that is brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

For example……. you might love dogs, so your affiliate marketing website could be about all leather dog collars, or Harris Tweed winter coats or diabetic dog biscuits. You may not have any products of your own, so you will promote products that you like, or don’t! Then as time goes on, you might branch out into making your own dental biscuits for dogs and whilst you still promote dog products for the commission, you also sell your own products too…….get the idea?

Do you want to know why WA is the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing platform in the world? Find out for yourself. You need to know that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate organisation…..Zero risk and zero obligation with a free Starter membership. You are minutes away from starting your own successful internet business that will ultimately give you financial freedom.

I will show you how you can do all this within WEALTHY AFFILIATE and tell you why this, by far, the best training you will find online for the beginner and expert ! It is the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing platform in the world, needing no experience, and no technical knowledge to start a successful online business.

So Lets Get Started Finding Out More About Wealthy Affiliate And What It Can Do For You !

Couple of things first.. There is a particular mindset that you need to have to get the best from what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you. That mindset is determined stubbornness about your niche idea. It will take time, determination, effort, all of which are tough characteristics to have when you have come in from a long day as a nurse or emergency responder, but its those times that you need to remember your focus and what you want to achieve. I found the start of my commitment to WA really overwhelming, so much I wanted to do and I felt I had to do it all at once. it

The enthusiasm is what keeps you going when you’re not getting anything back…its like having a new baby that only eats, sleeps and cries and no response to the surroundings or parents… but give it 2-3 months and baby starts smiling at you and gurgling back… You will be doing the smiling when you see the commission coming into your account.

Wealthy Affiliate will not make you rich today or tomorrow, it takes time and hard work creating content for your website, engaging with your audience, but no stress, alongside all the support within Wealthy Affiliate, you will be guided through all the processes. Do not be caught up in the frenzy of get-rich-quick schemes.. they don’t work, you know you are smarter than to believe them but read on and realise why this isn’t a scam.

The online courses available within Wealthy Affiliate are designed to be straightforward and absolutely do work with a proven track record. Read this recent success story, which is one of many every day. You can be writing your own success story in Wealthy Affiliate one day, telling us all how you did it, working on your site in lunch breaks or days off. We all juggle our time to create those awesome blogs !

Few FACTS About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate – In business 14 years
Owners – Kyle and Carson
Number of Members – 1.4 million members
Members – From 193 different countries
Online 24hr Support – 23,000 helped everyday with 1,800 expert coaches
New Business Every Month – 10,000
Price For Starter Week – $0
Employees at WA – 25 people working behind-the-scenes
Training Updates – 750+/ year
System Improvements – 155 in the past year

“You cannot make people love a service, you have to create a service people love.” Inspiring words from Kyle.

I definitely love Wealthy Affiliate !

Wealthy Affiliate Uncut…….

Every step of your journey through the process of setting up your affiliate marketing website is mapped by tons of lessons, webinars, and support from a community of caring experts. My mentor supported me in the first few weeks too, guiding me through the process of getting onto the certification course and was there for me to ask questions and gain reassurance I was going in the right direction. I will be there for you!

Wealthy Affiliate Training Teaches 4 Important Lessons:

Wealthy Affiliate Training Teaches 4 Important Lessons:

  1. How to find a profitable niche.
  2. How to build an affiliate marketing website.
  3. How to write top quality content that answers the questions your target audience are asking.
  4. How to turn that traffic that arrives at your website into conversions and how to keep that revenue consistent.

Profitable Niche


Everyone has something they are passionate about, it might be part of your job or a hobby. Both are great to delve into to find a niche, WA help you find that perfect niche. When you choose your niche, you are part of that very audience you are targeting. Connecting with an audience you understand is all part of writing enthusiastic content that they will engage with and bring about conversion to purchase.

What Are You Passionate About ?…… Maybe Your Job Means You Have To Be Athletic and Keep Yourself Fit?

Health may be a passion, or maybe you play football, or tennis….Health itself is too big a niche (too many other companies competing) so think laterally…..What about fruit infusing water bottles? They encourage you to drink more water, with wholesome fresh fruit included ! Most definitely a niche market.. Everyone loves them, and your passion for keeping fit might lead you to love a cool fruit infused drink when you’re finished! You see how something can be a niche ! Now I’m not saying that fruit infusing water bottles will be lucrative niche, but you get the idea!

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to go about honing down your passions to the perfect niche for you, something you will be excited about going forward with your website. There is no niche that is not profitable if you follow the course at WA.


Building Websites

Building a website is a total breeze in Wealthy Affiliate so if, like me, you have never built a website, there is no need to worry. I didn’t go to school in the age of the computer so this was all totally new to me. You don’t need to know any code, its all done without writing any code whatsoever. The training in WA takes you through the process, step by step using videos from Kyle himself. He shows you how to get your website up and running, to give great foundations for the future. Take a look at a sample lesson on building your website. You will see its straightforward and easy to understand and not a single piece of code!

Top Quality Content

I bet you’re thinking now that you are no linguist and this is going to be tough, but really the tip here is to write as if you are writing to a friend, natural and flowing. Start off simply don’t worry about how things look to start with, populate your website with content relevant to your niche, with WA support along the way. There is so much to read in Wealthy Affiliate on how to write your content including this SiteContent tool that is free to premium members. It supports you with certain templates for the basic pages you need on your site but also for the blogs/articles that populate your website. It helps with getting the right sized headings and the right number of words for the article. There is also a keyword tool to help you find those all important keywords for your blog.


This is the most important feature of affiliate marketing. Traffic makes or breaks a business. For traffic read audience, this is your target audience that will come to your site attracted by what you have been writing or the reviews of your niche products. Don’t forget these products you review do not need to be your own. You can review and sell your own if you want but for most of us, we review other companies products. It takes time, and determination. Many fall by the wayside because the traffic is slow. But this is where stubbornness comes in, keep creating, following the lessons and you will succeed in getting more and more traffic every month.

Wealthy Affiliate – A Community Of Caring Experts – Do You Want Their Help?

Wealthy Affiliate has a ‘Members First’ nature.
The StartUp week is free.. no credit card is taken.
In the free week you will receive:

Live Help
Hosting of 2 Websites
Backup of your Websites
Beginner Entrepreneurship Training Course (first 10 lessons)
Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Phase 1 (first 10 lessons)
Keyword Tool with 30 free searches
Video Walkthroughs
1-1 Coaching for 7 days

This is a huge amount of information to get through, so don’t waste your week… I worked through it every evening, doing 2-3 hours at a time. I decided at around day 4 that I was going to upgrade to premium. The support I received was excellent, there was always someone on the live chat that could help me either by telling me what I needed to know or directing me to it on the website. Look below at the table, it outlines what you get when you upgrade to premium and it is so worth it. The first month of upgrade is $19.

Want To Know More About Wealthy Affiliate? Read The Pros and Cons!

Lets Start with the CONS…

Well everything that is good always costs something so to get full access permanently in WA you have to go premium. It is tough to justify when you are here because you want to make more money. I was short of money when I found WA but within days I had seen that this was the solid way forward and I decided to make the pledge to myself, that it really was value for money and I would give it my full attention. Of course you can cancel any subscription at any time, you are not tied into any contract.

Whilst you have free websites you can use in WA, these are .siterubix websites, your website will be something like www.domain.siterubix, which isn’t what most of the population expect when they see a website name so you will want to purchase your own domain name, ideally a .com website. Don’t panic though, these are only a few dollars and WA has great recommendations on brilliant tools to use to help you decide what your perfect domain name should be and they guide you through the process of buying your domain name. I made a mistake with mine because I didn’t use the tool and had to buy a second domain name. Both were only $5 though!

On the free starter week you have access to a limited version of Jaaxy – the most amazing keyword tool on the web. If you decide to go premium, the subscription to Jaaxy Lite is automatic and free within your membership, but it is restricted to a certain number of searches a month, so you may want to subscribe to that.

Within wordpress (the website builder tool) there are thousands of free themes you can choose for your website and tons of free plugins to assist in the functions of your website and all the plugins recommended by Kyle in the training are free. However, if there is a particular theme you want or a particular plugin, the chances are you will have to pay for it.

Ok so what are the PROS?

Well, the first thing that I think is important to mention is that Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 14 years. Scams don’t tend to hang around. People join WA every single day. And they have not increased their fees for over 12 years!

There is the free first week for you to try before you decide to go premium, so nothing ventured nothing gained, and its free ! Plenty of time for you to decide for yourself !

Wealthy Affiliate has a free Site Content Writing Platform so if you think you are not so great at writing blogs or articles, this platform will guide you all the way.

There are two step-by-step training courses to follow. You get the first 10 lessons of each course free with the first week, then the full course is available to you when you go premium so you can continue your journey to financial freedom. One course is for affiliate marketing in your chosen niche and the other for WA promotion. The choice is yours but you can do both ! I’d recommend starting with just one though!

Wealthy Affiliate is also a hosting platform where you get your websites hosted for free. If you have websites hosted elsewhere you can transfer them to WA. This is a huge advantage, as this is free within the premium deal so huge savings on hosting fees.

Google responds well to websites that have great content and great comments. This is something that is also offered within WA community. We read and comment on each others websites, blogs, articles, all of which improves Google ranking.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate shouldn’t be underestimated. There is live chat and as the community is worldwide, there are always people around to help and guide you. But not only that, there are a huge number of blogs written every day, training added every day, a search bar to look up your question and get answers immediately. There is also 24 hour/7 days a week site support – this is all beyond anything else offered within this service.

Every year Wealthy Affiliate’s Super Affiliate Conference is held in Las Vegas and this year it was the biggest one to date. That speaks for itself, the training and the leadership within Wealthy Affiliate works.

People do start and they do fail. They start with all good intentions, get a few weeks or a couple of months into training and see nothing coming back in sales and give up. This is they point you have to dig deep and press on. Remember this when you are doubting yourself and that you can gain financial freedom…. Do you want it enough?

Keep Focused… Set Goals for Yourself…. Today is the best time to be joining Wealthy Affiliate, so you can change your expectations for the future!

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