We all need ways to making extra money some time or another. I know I do, with my tennis son ! This is an additional article following on from Supplementing Income Ideas. If you want to have a look at the previous article, click on the link above.

These are not necessarily online jobs but definitely ones that may follow a passion you have or something you have a talent for. My passion for making designer cakes started when I got a birthday cake for my dad for his 65th birthday… I was SOOO disappointed with it. It was scruffy, not neat, and they had spelt my dad’s name wrong. I decided that I could do better myself ! This was before the days of the internet, so I taught myself from books, then went to college and took a City and Guilds in Sugarcraft and Creative Design.

I had children by this time, so making wedding / birthday/ celebration cakes fit well around their day, I wrote four books, and made designer cakes for Disney. A great job that came from my love of design. I stopped making them when I moved to Spain with my son who is the tennis player. I do other creative things but love writing too.

One thing that will really help with making more money online, is to have a website for your business. Your website will showcase your storefront and is a very positive start to your new enterprise.

Online Classes

Can you speak a different language? Or do you have a qualification in teaching english, math, accounting? There are a ton of different topics that you could teach from basic coding to business to photography.. Depending on the level you want to teach, will depend on the qualifications you would need to have. My son has a math tutor that comes to the house, he was recommended and is really good. But if you are teaching online and advertise through an online company such as tutorhunt.com or tutorful.co.uk you may need further certificates. Home tutoring like my son’s tutor, by recommendation, there is no third party so what you earn is yours, whereas with a company, they will take a commission. But you can earn $30-$40 an hour. Lynda.com is a fantastic platform for business, design, education and instruction, leadership, management – a really great place to teach. It might be a little tough to get accepted but guaranteed a great deal of fun working for them.

Having your own website which you can advertise your abilities, your showcase for

Mock Juror

Who would have thought this was a thing? I have never heard of a mock juror before. Ive been on jury service, its part of our public duty in the UK. So this was intriguing research.

What Is an Online Juror?

When lawyers/attorneys are preparing for trial, they may look for feedback on their case similar to those likely to be on the actual jury. So they make up a mock jury from the community where the trial is being held. This gives them feedback as to how they are likely to fare in court, insight into further details they might need to further their case. You might listen to audio, or watch video, material to read and questionnaire. You may get something between $20-$70 and is usually paid through PayPal. Some online jury companies may pay more for actual in-person mock juries, they take more time up.

How Does This Work?

You fill in an extensive questionnaire about yourself. This enables the lawyers to find the suitable mock jurors that meet their demographic and when you fit that demographic, you will be called.

There are restrictions on who can do mock jury.

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You must be a US citizen ( not sure if they have a similar thing in the UK)
  • Cannot be a convicted criminal
  • You cannot be under caution or indictment for any criminal charges or misdemeanors.
  • You must be able to read and write with reasonable competency.
  • You cannot have any legal, paralegal experience or legal assistant.
  • You cannot work in any part of the insurance industry

These restrictions are for the USA, where mock jurors are used frequently, not so much in the UK.

Home Cook

We aren’t all great at home cooking, don’t have the time, or the interest but still love to eat home cooked food regularly or even for a special event. Whilst Im in Spain, my hubby back in the UK has to cook for himself, which frequently means ready meals from the supermarket. They are always high in salt and calories, and goodness knows what E numbers they must have. Even if expense meant he couldn’t have home cooked every night, but at least a few a week. He can cook but he has a busy, high pressure job and the last thing he wants at night is to have to get a meal together. I don’t know if there are as many ready meals in the USA but there is takeout which is equally unhealthy.

So if this is you, you love cooking, have you thought about doing it as a business? You could stick to general home cooked foods, or specialise in a particular type – Indian, Mexican.. French!

For example, www.yummit.com offer a service that you can treat your kitchen as a take-away where people can order food from you, local to you, and come collect. You set your prices, your food, when you’re available and when you aren’t. Sounds great ! Take a look and see if its for you.

Take a look at www.gourmade.com – This company home cooks food, no additives, no preservatives, freezes their food within an hour of cooking. They deliver in freezer bags so the food doesn’t defrost. They offer savoury and sweet, vegetarian… Its great business model to check out… You need a website.. I can help with that. Follow the link below to start your website.

Mystery Shopper

Sound like quite a lucrative, interesting side job?

Do you communicate effectively? This is one skill that a mystery shopper needs to have, with clear writing, in a way that is thorough and objective.

Observation is also important, along with great retention skills. You can’t take any take any survey forms with you to the store, so important to know what details you will require when filling the paperwork.

Deadlines for reports have to be adhered to, with just as much meticulous detail as the report itself. So mystery shoppers need to be dependable and fulfil the assignments on time which means confidence in their ability.

A mystery shopper fills the demographic that is the target market for each particular store. If you fill the demographic you are sent to the store to go through the same experience a normal customer would have. When you get home, you fill in a full in-depth survey of your specific experience.

Payment can take several forms. It depends on the shopping venture undertaken and could be in the form of reimbursement for dollars spent, or a cash payment. You will know the way you will be reimbursed before you start the work. So its not a lucrative job but could bring in a good side hustle.


We all have no excuse to take photos these days with the depth of detail built into our cellphones. I’m not suggesting that we are all photographers, Im clearly not ! But if you have an eye for detail and see great images wherever you go, maybe you should start selling them? There are so many places that you can sell great photos to people like me….

As an entrepreneur, working online, I use a ton of images.. I can make some myself using graphic programmes, which I love but when it comes to illustrating articles, I have to either try find what I need on some of the copyright free image websites, but they’re NEVER as great as the ones that I have to pay for.. Getty Images, StockUnlimited, Dreamstime.. these are my haunts, trying to work out how to get the images I want for as little as possible. These could be your images ! Go try it out !

House Sitting

This is one of my favourites ! I could definitely see myself travelling around the world housesitting in some awesome places, looking after pets and the house whilst the owners are away on holiday. My in-law’s used a house sitter when they went away to New Zealand for two months. Their house is in a fairly remote area. They don’t have pets but have a big garden with vegetables, flowers etc and the peace of mind they have from knowing there was a responsible person taking care, they could enjoy their holiday so much more.

Generally what happens is that you join a website promoting house sitting both for the house sitters and those requiring house sitters. Once registered, you fill your profile, then apply to the various jobs to house sit. You get paid from $30-$50 a day. The care of the house is not onerous. There will be pets to feed and walk, occasionally a few farm animals but nothing strenuous or time consuming. There is plenty of time to sightsee, walk, chill.. Sounds like the perfect job to me !

Be A Friend

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there that need friends.. or someone to go to a party with or a wedding or some other function and they have no one they know they can take. So many events that people look for companions. My son hates roller coasters. I paid for him to go to Dollywood last fall so we could have a day of excitement away from the tennis courts for a change. I thought it would be a great day…. well the first one we went on was ‘Goliath’. What I didn’t know at the time was that it is the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world and… my son doesn’t like roller coasters.. but I swear I did not know that at the time! He was scared to DEATH ! … It was a damp squib after that. Scared him rigid. I could really have done with a roller coaster buddy that day!

So this is where ‘be a friend’ comes in. That person to go and do these things with, biking, skiing, comedy club, wingman/woman, baking… You can be that friend ! Charging around $50/day is a great way to make extra cash….


Word of caution, this would only be possible through a website that controlled the ‘friends’ a website such as ‘www.rentafriend.com’ that has strict control about exactly what the friend is for. It’s not a dating website, purely platonic, not an escort service… So next time someone comes to your city and wants to be shown around, you could be that person.


So many really interesting ways of making more money and still having a great time along the way!

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