Resource Tools

Jaaxy is an amazing keyword research tool that is the best friend of anyone online who write articles, or affiliate marketing.  The tool will search for keywords to use in writing, search and rank your keywords, allow for search analysis… so much more ..! They even offer a free version allowing 30 searches a month.   If you would like to try it, follow this link to JAAXY

Link Whisper is a real time consuming tool that will take all the stress out of your internal linking. Google looks very favourably on websites with strong, appropriate internal links. It shows search engines that your website is authoratitive with information that is of importance. But going back over articles and blogs to put the links in is time consuming, Link Whisper does this for you.

If you would like to go try it out,, follow this  link to LINK WHISPER

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest affilate marketplace. It was previously known as Commissioners Junction. By joinging CJ affiliate it opens up a whole host of manufacturers of almost every product you might want to add to your website. You can then join various affilaite programmes from inside CJ Affiliate and manage your affiliate business from inside the platform. A really important platform making affiliate finding much easier. 

Generate Press is a very lightweight theme to use for any website, but especially for beginners as it comes with various added ‘tools’ that make search engine optimising a breeze, the speed is lightening fast which is super important for search engines  – Generate Press has a tiny footprint and clean code which makes it lightening fast. They pride themselves on the fact that if something is not needed its not loaded, a real advantage. You can control the layout and the page builder you presently use is most likely compatible with Generate Press. There are many many happy customers and I use it on one of my sites. It is a such a great theme and very easy to use. 

Grammarly is a free download that you can have on your desktop to help with spelling and grammar in everything you write. It will check everything from emails to twitter, and look at spelling, grammar, tone and style to give you the heads up on what you are writing. A really great tool for everyone ! Get GRAMMARLY Here 

Google Analytics is a platform that gives you insight into how your website is doing, where your audience is, how many visitors you are getting each day, how long they stay on the page, which pages or posts are doing better than others.

It takes a bit of doing to get the tracking code on the header but once it is embeded in the code, Google Analytics can track what is going on and help you improve your website. You can find GOOGLE ANALYTICS here


Tailwind App is a scheduling tool for Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. They are paid for tools but I believe they are worth their weight in gold… They save so much time scheduling pins to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, free advertising for you website. There are several tools within Tailwind that further increase the reach of pins and posts.  I have been using this for a few months now and it has saved me a tremendous amount of time. Setting the pins can be a chore at times but doing it once a week is easy!  You can find TAILWIND here.


Canva is a graphic design platform which helps users to create graphics, for your website, social media, presentations, posters and lots of visual content that is perfect for almost any project you have in mind. They have millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations that you can use to create vivid, eyecatching graphics for your audience.