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So you are looking to build yourself a website? It’s more straightforward to learn and build a website than you think.

No coding required when you build a website using wordpress and Wealthy Affiliate offer the perfect platform to get all the information you need.

Wealth Afilliate offer tutorials, support, advice about everything to do with building a website from the ground up.

They also offer hosting within the platform.

What Do You Need To Build A Website?

When you build a website, there are certain things you need to do.

  1. Domain Name – This is what your website is going to be called… like mine is entrepreneursmart.com

You can start off with a free website if you want to see how things work before you actually buy a domain name.

Wealthy Affiliate offer a .siterubix website that once you decide this is for you, you can move the whole website lock, stock and barrel to a domain you have bought.

You can buy your domain name in Wealthy Affiliate ! This makes the hosting very easy indeed as everything is arranged automatically in-house.

2. Setting Up Of The Website – Once you have bought your domain, what do you do? Well within Wealthy Affiliate everything happens automatically. They set up the domain, load wordpress onto the site then talk you through choosing a theme for the website. This can be changed later when you are up and running and more understanding of how you want it to look. WordPress allows you to build your website without using code, but if you want to use code, thats fine too.

3. Learn and Build Your Website – From here on in, its all about build your website, adding content, and using it for the purpose you intended whether its an affiliate website or ecommerce or a review website.

Do you want help to achieve all this? If you are a beginner, its a struggle to achieve this and get the website up and running with great SEO.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and get the support you need.

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Learn and Build A Website

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