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When I joined Wealthy Affiliate 3 years ago, I was very wary of it being scam. I was looking for online work that would earn me an reasonable income in my circumstances. I was living in Spain with my son who is a Junior International Tennis Player. We had been there 2 years and if you have read ‘About Us’ you will know that I designed cakes for big celebrations and for Disney.

Making cakes in Spain wasn’t working for me. The difference in expectations from my customers in the UK to those in Spain was too big a void for me. I don’t speak Spanish well enough to get regular work in an industry that would interest me. I decided to take CELTA. I had a great time going through the training to teach English as a foreign language. The other students were awesome and Sevilla was a beautiful city.. I passed with flying colours ! However, I live around 45 minutes from any major city where all the jobs were. I could have set up a business in my area but I wasn’t really wanting a business with a longterm future in Spain. I searched Google…..’Online Work To Do From Home’ Wealthy Affiliate popped up.

I read about it and it said about the free week. So I left it for a couple of weeks because I was travelling and wanted to take full advantage of it. Fast forward 2 weeks and I signed up.

A free week with no credit card sign up needed. Before I finished the week, I had gone PREMIUM!

Why I Know Its For Real

No Credit Card On Sign Up – You sign up to the free week at WA. There are no credit card details required at this stage. This gives you access to the first 10 lessons of the certification course (for affiliate marketing) and Bootcamp (WA Referral). From this you will set up your own website following video tutorials that Kyle (one of the co-owners) had produced.

Watch this short video about Wealthy Affiliate….

Why Would Anyone Give Away That Amount Of Information for Free If It Was A Scam? – To try to reel you in? You can see though that with more than 800,000 working at WA, we are not clueless. If you manage to get through all that work in a week, you will have quite a knowledge on how to build a website.


You Are Given A Free Website And Free Hosting For A Week – As part of the free week, you are given a free website – a website, with a domain name of your choosing. It is hosted for that week free at WA. If you turn premium, you continue with the benefits, along with access to host 25 websites at WA. Even this, for one week free hosting and free website, you are quids in – would be way more if you paid for it elsewhere.


A Week Is Long Enough To Work Out If Its For You And If You Go Premium, The First Month Is Reduced – By the end of the week, if you have been totally open about your opinion of WA, you will see that given everything you have been able to access, that WA is not trying to scam you for your money. And indeed if you decide to go premium, the first month payment is reduced by more than 50% so you have another month, at way less than a hosting site would charge, to continue working on your site and further explore WA.

Why Doesn’t WA Allow Access To The Whole Site For The Week? – To be fair, if it was, there is a chance that some one would copy it all and use it after the week was up. They would have a problem copying it all though, there is so much there, webinars, tutorials, new material added every single day and that’s not mentioning the support that is there 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ all year.


First Month At WA Is $19 – So after the first free week, you are charged $19 for the first month. You’re not in any contract, so you can cancel whenever you want. This gives you a further month to work on your website with access all areas. You can decide if its for you and your business.

No Contract – There is no contract with WA. You don’t sign yourself up for a period of time and can go month to month if you want. Bear in mind though if you decide further down the line that you want to cancel, you will need to move your website to another host. You are given a month to do this and given instructions on how to do it.


Nothing Is Hidden – Everything at Weathy Affiliate is laid bare, it is not a company to use if you are wanting to get rick quick. This is not what they are about and they tell you this/. They do not make any claims about how long it will take you to start earning income. But they do tell you the process and make it as understandable and easy for you. Nothing is hidden, with all community members sharing their successes with openness regarding their strategies, to help you with yours.

Training Up To The Minute Accurate – Training within WA is updated constantly. The ‘ambassadors’ of WA – top 25 contributors/creators/helpers blog on a daily basis with information, support, recommendations, suggestions. Not only them but hundreds of members support is there too, every day. There is no reason for you not to be keeping on trend with the latest information for affiliate marketing/website building/keyword research/monetizing/content writing. DO YOU THINK THIS EQUATES TO A SCAM?


Support 24/7/365 – Support is available constantly. They take on average 2 minutes to reply and will continue with you until your issue is resolved and you are able to continue working on your website. They can sort out every issue you may have, except perhaps something about your theme, that is unique to your website. But they will even try to help with that too. What scam site would have that kind of support ?

Kyle, Carson and Jay Are Active Daily – The head honchos of WA are active online every day at some point through the day, you will see them on live chat, helping and directing members to solutions for their issues. They will frequently blog answers to your questions, frustrations, and generally check whats what and what we are all up to, whether we have issues with how WA is run, whether we have issues with any of the functions or features. Jay has a live webinar every Friday/Saturday morning (depending on where you live in the world – for me it 2am! ) He presents the webinar live, answers questions and helps with the topic. If you cant watch live, you can catch the rewind the next day.


Questions Are Never Left Unanswered – You are never left wondering what you should be doing about something. You can first search the Knowledge Base to see if anyone else has asked the same questions. If that proves unsuccessful (Ive never not found an answer) you can ask in Live Chat. Because WA is global, there is always someone on and frequently several, who are only too happy to help you. If they can, they will usually direct you to where you can find the answer – in blogs, in classroom questions, webinars or tutorials. If its something mot dealt with WA – like specific website theme customisation – they will still offer suggestions to help. You can blog about your issue, this reaches out to those not on live chat or who are off line at that point too. They will answer you over the following hours.



After everything you have read, do you still question whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam? Agreeably it doesn’t suit everyone, there are factors that may not appeal to you or people in the community. THERE ARE RULES AND ANY ONE FOUND BREAKING THEM IS BANNED. There may be some members you don’t take to, but the community is big enough that you don’t run into them. You will find helpful, friendly, supportive members who are usually falling over each other to help !

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