I had heard of people who were working online and earning money as a side hustle, even when they were asleep. I wanted a peice of that ! 

I moved to Spain a couple of years before, with my son, whilst he attended an elite tennis academy in southern Spain. But I don’t speak Spanish and so my skills as a ckae designer were useless.  I did make a few cakes but I found it so difficult that I wound up my business but I needed to do something else.

Im not about to waste my time sunbathing despite the fact the beach is pretty enticing!

I knew I would not be living in Spain forever.. the plan is tht my son will go to the USA with a tennis scholarship and I will return to the UK.
(update – Covid 19 put paid to our final months in Spain and my son is indeed going to USA with a tennis scholarship and my busines is continuing from the UK).

But I needed something that would travel with me wherever I was and an online business fit perfectly. However, I had no internet skills so felt that my options were quite limited.

So I thought there is nothing lost having a look around online to see if I really couldn’t do anything. I googled ‘Online Work From Home’. Quite a few online moneymaking ideas came up, including Wealthy Affiliate.

I tried one or two but they didn’t resonate with me. I found them pushy and confusing. So Wealthy Affiliate got my vote.



online marketing

Wealthy Affiliate

So Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform with over a million members all around the world.  it is an amazing training platform founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005. 

Well in total honesty, Wealthy Affiliate differs from other affiliate training  platforms in that they do not promise that they will make you rich quick, which seems to be a central feature to other make money online schemes.

They promise to show you in blogs and tutorials, the skills you need to build a successful, legitimate business online…. so everything to do with affiliate marketing, social media, SEO…

Everything is legitimate and you buy into the fact that this is not going to bring riches overnight but with consistent, good quality blogging.  You get the low down quality teaching on how to work affiliate marketing online.

So whilst they say this isnt a get rich quick scheme, does the system really work?  What evidence do they have that shows it works?

My Blogs Earned Over $100k Part-Time in 2018

 As we get rolling in 2019. I wanted to get everyone inspired into the New Year by sharing my little success story. This post isn’t about bragging. I’m writing this article so it gives people hope that all the work you’re putting now will eventually pay off if you don’t give up. Before we get into the bigger numbers. I want to start by discussing my smaller success with a new site since this will probably resonate with many of the newbies.

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What Does $1000 Per Day  Look Like?

Today, I wanted to give you a look at how realistic it is to earn over $1000 per day online.

Even better, these earnings are NOT in the “make money online” niche. These are regular products that you can buy in the store, or online.

I can’t stress this enough. This is just a regular old website with product reviews, top 10 lists, and keyword researched articles. All the stuff you learn inside Wealthy Affiliate. No fancy plugins. 

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My Online Biz: $85.5K THANKS WA! Lessons Learned In 2019

Hello WA Warriors!

It’s been awhile and this one will be one for the books as I will be sharing a lot of lessons learned in this post in order to help others here. I often show payment proof and all that, but this post it’s not about the numbers.

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Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build an online business. Its hard work, takes a lot of  effort and a great deal of  time.

Does this sound like you? Do you stick at something you set your mind to? Can you work hard now to reap the results in the future? …. Then read on..!


This review is quite long…. I will go into detail about each aspect of Wealthy Affiliate so you know exactly what you are going to get ! 

First of all…..

 No Credit Card On The Free Week Sign Up

You sign up to the free week with Wealthy Affiliate with no credit card details required which is quite a breath of fresh air.. usually with free weeks you have to put your card details in and then remember to unsubscribe before the trial week is up or you get charged.. Im so bad at this, I have to write in my diary to remind me to do it. So with this you are totally free, no money lost ! 

The free week gives you access to the first 10 lessons of the certification course (for affiliate marketing) or bootcamp(Wealthy Affiliate referral website – probably not best for beginners).  This gives you all the information, in the form of video tutorials, so you see exactly what you need to do and in doing so, you will set up your own website!





My Individual Support 

When you sign up for your free week, you also get my personal support within Wealthy Affilite.  So whatever suppor you need, you simply send me a message within the platform and I will help you. My username in Wealthy Affiliate is Helen 123!





Free Website And Free Hosting For A Week

As part of the free week, you are given a free website, a sitrubix.com website with a domain name of your choosing. Itis hosted for the week free with Wealthy Affilite. If you decide to go premium at the end of the week you continue with these benefits, along with the ability to host 10 websites at Wealthy Affiliate.  If you decide to go premium, your website will be converted onto a domain name of your choice  – a .com etc whichever you choose and Wealthy Affiliate will do this for you. 

A Week Is Long Enough

A week is long enough to work out if its for you and if you do go premium, the first month is reduced to $19 from $49. So by the end of the week, if you are totally honest with yourself, with everything you have been given access to in the week, you can honestly say that it is not a scam.  If you aren’t convinced yet, and want more time, then the first month at $19 is easily affordable – the web hosting of your site alone would be at least 1/2 that, so nothing lost and you have another month to build your site with very little outlay.  You are not in any contract so nothing to sign up to, you can get out whenever you want if you decide its not for you. 

But Why Doesn’t Wealthy Affiliate Give Access To All Areas In That First Week. 

Well to be totally honest about this, there is a lot of information in Wealthy Affiliate, too much to take in a with just one week but it would be possible to copy a fair chunk of it and use it after the week was up for nothing, which anyone can see would be unreasonable.  There is of course way too much to copy in a week, with webinars, tutorials, new material added every single day, including 24 hour/ 7 day a week support.  

No Contract

I do think this is important to reiterate. There is no contract, you can cancel at any time without incurring any fees.  The only thing to bear in mind though, if you get deep into your website further down the line and you want to cancel, you will need to move your website hosting elsewhere – makes sense. But you are given a month to do it so no stress.

Nothing Hidden

Everything is laid bare at Wealthy Affiliate…. but its not for you if you aren’t going to work hard. Wealthy Affiliate help as much as they can, making it as easy as they can, but then its down to you. There is no time scale set on this either, although if you’re like me, you will see revenue starting from about month 5.

Ok, so we have got as far as the first week and so far, no scams, actually you’ve not been asked to pay for anything……. You have your free week and everything you set out to do – a website up and running with content and a business plan within your niche. You could take it elsewhere if you wanted to, no hard feelings and carry on yourself.  

But you will be missing so much help and support. I’m going to show you exactly what you will be giving up if you leave. …….

Entrepreneur Training – Courses to build your website from the ground up.

Affiliate Programmes – New feature to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, a tool to easily find affiliate programmes in your niche. 

Keyword Research Tool – This is a free tool in Wealthy Affiliate, called Jaaxy and this is so important for great affiliate marketing. 

24 Hour Live Chat – Support 24/7 globally so always someone around to help!

Website Comments/Feedback –  A perfect platform to get positive feedback for blogs, articles, your website…. improve your Google ranking. 

24 Hour Technical Support – Invaluable support for any issue with your website from slow speed to a crash… quickly dealing with the problem!

Dashboard – Highlighting the latest blogs from members/top posts of the day/classroom questions and successes. 

Network Of Members – The community within Wealthy Affiliate is a huge part of success. All the knowledge and latest information from members.

Search Bar – Great resource tool in Wealthy Affiliate is the search bar for everything to do with whatever you are searching for. 

Classrooms – Wealth of information here on every aspect on online marketing from SEO to ecommerce.. so much information to be found here. 

Domain Name Finder –  Super easy to find and install a domain name directly within Wealthy Affiliate with the immediate setting up with wordpress. 

Website Hosting – Wealthy Affiliate will host 10 websites free so plenty of scope for great business opportunities. 

1:2:1 Personal Tuition  – This is the best way to get your business off the ground with individual support right inside Wealthy Affiliate ! 



This in no way does justice to Wealthy Affiliate… If you want to check out the features in more detail, I have done a huge blog on it and you can hop over here to read it in full…. 

No point going further if you don’t want to pay for it. I always look at what a tool or platfrom might cost because there is no point in getting to like something if its over what your value it for…. so lets get to the nitty gritty and look at costs…. Ill also show you in this comparisons with the free week and the premium membership…

A really comprehensive comparison of the free week and premium membership, but remember that the first month of premium is $19 then the subesquent months are $49 but you can cancel any time you want. No tie ins, no contracts. 

So What’s the verdict?

Scam/For Real? 


Well we have looked through Wealthy Affiliate with a great deal of detail. The training is organised, I like that. It makes it easy to follow, one lesson to the next in an order that makes sense.

You can find all this information online but you would have to spend time searching for it and know you needed to in the first place!

The live training sessions on a Friday are excellent, not only for the content but the fact you can ask specific questions. If you can’t make the live viewing, the replay is posted the next day.

But it takes time to make big bucks and they are upfront and honest about that and some people are disgruntled and call Wealthy Affiliate a scam because it takes time and concentrated work.

Wealthy Affliate does have a 24 hour support centre which is excellent in sorting issues out. Kyle, the owner is quite slow. This is a downside but under normal circumstances there would not be a need to contact him personally, and the fact that there are over a million members, I expect his inbox is busy.

There are platforms that you could use to host that would be cheaper but the managed wordpress hosting that we have access to at Wealthy Affiliate is matched by very few other platforms online and websites made at Wealthy Affiliate havea 100% rating with Google. 

There are lots of opinions online about Wealthy Affiliate and, some do call it a scam for various reasons…. usually reasons like they didnt make any money and its Wealthy Affiliate’s fault and when they left and went elsewhere they were successful… well my answer to that is that maybe Wealthy Affiliate’s approach to affiliate marketing may just not suit them and their money making website didnt make money in their timescale. Some don’t like the fact that when they decide they don’t want to pay for premium membership anymore, they can’t keep their website at Wealthy Affiliate.  My answer to this is that you don’t get something you aren’t prepared to pay for. If you don’t want to pay $49 a month for your managed wordpress website, hosting, 24/7 technical support, tutorials, help with every aspect of your website, then thats your perogative.

Whilst there are odd things about Wealthy Affiliate that aren’t how I would like, all the time, it is by far the best platform I have found for building an online business for both the beginner and expert. 


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