Is building a wordpress site easy? All these people are ready to start a side hustle… They want to do something that will take them away from the grind of 9 to 5 ( for some, work significantly longer) and become their own boss!  They are going to build their first wordpress website and start a new business online. It is EASY to build a WordPress website and I will show you in this article how to do it. There are a few straightforward steps before we can start building, but I will take you through these.


Why Choose WordPress?


Well the first reason to choose wordpress is that it is free ! Completely free, nothing to pay.

WordPress requires no prior knowledge of any coding or html, in fact most people who start to use wordpress have no previous knowledge of writing code or designing websites. So for those of us that are not savvy about web building its perfect !

A large portion of people using WordPress are neither web designers nor programmers. As a matter of fact, most folks start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of designing websites and they are able to build a very successful business using wordpress.

WordPress makes ready-to-use themes that contain thousands of  free templates for you to use, without any coding. You can customise your website using these and plugins.

WordPress is super easy to use because of the tenplates and plugins, it still gives you versatility and ability show your flair within the parameters of the templates.

WordPress is versatile but safe, with a wecure platform but this doesnt mean you shouldn’t make sure you have a good firewall.  The other option is to use a good hosting platform that offers security too – More on this later! 

What Do You Need To Build A WordPress Website?


The first step is to choose a niche!  This is the area of work online that they would like to work in, which is no mean feat, its important to get this right, its going to be the whole centre of the business.  I have written various blogs about choosing your niche and also an ebook  – here if you want to go purchase it  – Choosing Profitable Niches

Once you have a niche sorted out,  the next step is to decide what you are going to call your business. You need to purchase a domain name, this is your url – this is mine –  so think about what you want to call yours.   If you want support through the whole of this process, the platform that I used when I started out may well be what you want. Its called Wealthy Affiliate. 

They offer a free week for you to try the platform out, make sure its something you will make the most use of. If you want to read an article I wrote recently about Wealthy Affiliate, take a look, its a quite resume of their features. 

But if you want to do it yourself, I will show you what to do.

The ‘How To’ Plan

The first part of the plan is straightforward, installing WordPress, following instructions and getting it installed. Follow my short clip on what to do to install a theme. 

If you would like to see the lesson at Wealthy Affiliate about installing and using wordpress, I have embedded it below.  You can see how much help we are given at Wealthy Affiiliate. 

Its free for a week, no credit card needed, so take a look and see if you want to have this support. 

So once you have installed your theme and started a few of the basic pages such as the About Us or your Privacy Policy, you want to consider what additions you want to your website. This is another great feature of WordPress in that you can add PLUGINS which add in more advanced features to your website. These are mostly free, but if you are wanting a specific one, then you may find you have to pay for them but they’re not super expensive. 


There is a separate tab for plugins in your WordPress dashboard. Its under Appearances and takes you to this tab. You can search for whatever plugin you want and frequently there are lite versions of  premium plugins that you can try for free. The information on each plugin will tell you what it will do for you and whether it is compatible with your version of WordPress and also how many people have downloaded it recently and when it was last updated to help you decide if its the one you want to use. 


WordPress has opened up the ability for anyone to create an online presence without incurring the costs of a web designer. When a business is starting out, there are no funds for web designing so it has to be something that a person can pick up without having to learn computer language – there are so many! But the main computer language is html and this is what wordpress uses.

You can add some snippets into the code as WordPress allows you to see the html so if you want to add snippets in to enhance and improve your site – when you know what you are doing of course, but add a little spritz to your pages  Wordpress runs this site and I am pretty pleased with how I manage ! Good luck to you with your webstie, and if you want any help, then send me a message ! 



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