Are you ready to become an entrepreneur and start and online business and work from home? 

This is not selling for immediate gratification and there will be no instant success but it is the biggest step you can make towards financial freedom. You are going to need to work hard, control your own time in the process of building your own dream rtaher than someone else’s. So be resolute in your determination for a better life, whilst embracing realistic goals and challenges.  

What Do I Need?

Well this depends on what business you decide to go into but for a start, you

need to have a web presence, so the very minimum would be a computer. 

Nothing fancy, with reliable internet access… And you also need time.

Starting a business online and working from home is a daunting thought, but think about starting it with the safety net of your regular job. Set goals. You can bootstrap – this means doing the job as a side hustle, one day you can give the day job upbeat it is perfectly doable to work a regular job and have no financial risk so you can start with certainty. Reinvest your income into your business and allow it to grow.

I am advocate of this method, its how I started out, learning from the ground up as a side hustle and its been very successful. There is no need to take the risk of loans repayments.

You don’t need a financial outlay to start an online business from scratch, no fancy gadgets needed, no bells or whistles, but there area few things you will need to pay for  – domain name purchase and hosting costs but they are not expensive.

So bootstrapping – a side hustle from your main daily work, would be a great way to start. You have none of the worries or anxieties about money and ease into your online business, taking time to learn the business with out time pressures. Go full time once you are earning regularly to replace your day job. 

Entrepreneurship starts in many different ways, low-cost is just as acceptable as taking out a loan.. It doesn’t validate your business anymore than starting out without a debt. 

Of course if you really want to get out of your job, a bank loan or savings could be a possibility but a risky one, not knowing when you will start earning.


How Do I Start?


There are different directions you could go in to start your own business. If you have a niche product or service that you are already experienced in and you want to set your own business up, then you are already ahead… You should test the water and do diligent research to discover what sort of income you can expect before you set off. If however, you are unsure what niche to work in or indeed what a niche market is, perhaps my eBook – ‘Choosing Profitable Niches would help you’.

A niche market is created by indentifying needs, wants, hopes of your target market, by answering their questions, questions that are not answered by other products or services.

Choosing Profitable Niches eBook

‘………manufacturers and retailers have saturated the market with the conventional marketing strategies and as a result, it has changed consumer reaction and interest.  In order to grow a customer’s interest along with a business’s sales, it is vital to build your business in a niche market.’

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High Profit/Low Cost?



Various home based businesses are possible but with very different potential outcomes.

If you are starting from scratch then you have a blank canvas to choose what you really want to spend your time doing. But as I mention in my book, you have to have a passion for it.  Its going to be something you do, hopefully for a very long time, so you have got to want to do it and be passionate about making your business earn you money. No point turning your side hustle into another ‘day job’.

But, considering it purely from a monetary view point, the image on the right shows where each main home business category sits in the cost of set up against the profit you are likely to make.


What Can I Do?

What Can I Do?

Software – Got to be the first thing you think of when you think about working online but not everyone can write code. I can’t… Well I’ve learned how to add certain things but there is no way I could write code for an app for example… but can you? A great skill you could offer.

What Can I Do?

Physical Product – Do you have a product that you have been developing that will answer the questions of your audience? Maybe it’s an underwater drone or a natural product for the bathroo, a great prospect to take your own product to market.

What Can I Do?

Advertising On Your Site – As an offshoot of your online business you can add advertising to your site to bring in an income every month. It starts as a trickle but as your business gets more traffic, the trickle will turn into a gentle stream etc. Google Adsense is worth taking a look at. They have criteria to be accepted.  I choose not to use this method because I personally don’t like the intrusive ads on websites. 

What Can I Do?

Afflilate Marketing – Do you have a product that you have been developing that will answer the qestions of your audience? Maybe it’s an underwater drone or a natural product for the bathroom. A great prospect taking it to market.

What Can I Do?

Physical Product – Do you have a product that you have been developing that will answer the qestions of your audience? Maybe it’s an underwater drone or a natural product for the bathroom. A great prospect taking it to market. 


What Is The First Step?

So, you have decided what you want to do…

But what do you do next ?

If you are conversant with making websites, buying a domain name and sorting out a hosting site, you are probably good to go…


But if you need any help with this, I can help you with all the training and support you will need to be able to run an successful online business.  There is not any need to think you cannnot run a business because you don’t know anything about building websites.  You can learn ‘on the job’.

I started my business by learning on the job with Wealthy Affiliate.  If you would like to know more, click the link below and read more about it.  Good Luck!


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