We all get bogged down with creating articles for our audience.  For those of us that are looking for organic traffic, its constant. New articles are the lifeblood for a website attracting organic traffic. For me, its not just the writing of the article but the whole process of researching as well. There is no point in pouring out the same information as Google/search engines don’t like repetitous information and of course, you can’t just copy from someone else.


So that takes time to prepare and for me I like all my ducks in row which means getting it absolutely right. The whole process from start to finish. There are so many factors to the perfect blog with perfect SEO and in drawing this infographic, I was able to make the chore of checking everything a little more interesting!

Each section has a reason to be there, and of course the section on content and subheadings can go on for as long as you need it to… to get your point across and enthrall your audience to the extent they want to follow through with your calls to action!


If you want to try out jaaxy  – as suggested in the first point you can click onto the banner in the side bar. They offer a free trial so you don’t have to fork out any cash to give it a go.

Search engines need to understand your website. They want to work out and identify whether your website will answer a question they are being asked by a search query. Using on page SEO gives the search engine the answers they need, so paying close attention to the details, will improve your rankings and conversions. 


The point of this article was to have everything in one place – a template to follow when you are writing.  

To recap – relevant high quality content with optimised headlines, tags and images  showing a high level or expertise, trustworthiness and authority. This will go a long way to improving your website visibility in the search engines. 

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