Do you know what a niche is? Before finding out how to find a profitable niche in affiliate marketing, you need to know what you are looking for…

A niche, pronounced ‘nishe’ or ‘nich’… whichever will do fine, is really a topic… like ice skating… Ice skating is a niche but the whole idea here is not to go for an obvious niche as you stand no chance in cornering the market with, but finding a more specific topic…

Take a look at my mind map below.

The further away you get from the main topic into subtopics or more specific topics, you are drilling down to the area you want to be focussing on for your niche. The further you can drill down with your niche idea, the better. I found when I was skating that there were certain things that were almost completely impossible to find. Competition wear – designer skating dresses, were not easy, and soft blade covers. I had soft blade covers, so that when the blade was dried it was placed in the cover to stop the sharpened edges going rusty, despite being dry, there would always be condensation on the blade.

Nothing stopping you having something like this that you make yourself and drop shipping it or finding them globally and featuring them on your website. You could get your product made in China and distributed by Amazon… Ok… maybe a step too far right now but you get the idea. But this is a step forward.

The standard niche market works by choosing a specific niche and finding people making that product and promoting their products for a small commission. There are tons of companies that offer this, Amazon being one of them.

Choosing Your Niche

I chose Ice Skating as my example because before I had kids, I was an ice skater and so its something in which I have experience and I could extrapolate out, probably not far enough yet but it makes the point. The niche needs to be profitable but not one that you will have huge competition. It is surprising where you might get by doing a mind map of your passions/hobbies/experiences.

As a paramedic or EMT you may well immediately go to Health as your niche but its way too big… you need to drill down to find that super sub niche hiding away under all the usual Health related paraphernalia… It might be gym subscriptions, protein shakes, trainers… you get the idea… somewhere to start. Or it might be your hobby or your furry cheerleaders – dogs! Health is a huge part of your daily life, or rather, the opposite of health, so it might be you prefer to leave that totally behind and go for your hobby – movies/gardening/travel/tennis … Maybe putting together a website that logs your dos and dont’s on the various treks you have taken, inside information about where to go to eat/sleep/visit. How to get there, what public transport is like… all these things give you leverage for affiliating products etc and making profit from your adventures. 

Find Your Niche – Get Some Help!

Think about things that get you fired up… is it nutrition of the sportsman, do you feel that there is a brand of protein powder that is way beyond the best and everyone should be using it… along with the shaker.. maybe stretching bands or rollers for tight muscles and injuries. Perhaps you can have a cool down website with blogs on how to cool down, equipment to use, exercises to cool down, what to do if you’re tight, ice packs, physio.. you get the picture. There is a super niche in there. But it has to light your fire, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on this so you have to want to do it.

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