Now That’s A Good Question !

How long should blog post be?  has to be the most asked question from every new online business owner. I know that it was one of the first questions I asked when I first started. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, an online platform for business entrepreneurs and I know that I would read everything to do with writing blog posts and there are three very straightforward rules to follow as far as blog length is concerned. This very much simplified things for me.

Types of Blogs

There are  three types of blogs, they might be called different things, but for my understanding I call them…. Foundation, Fundamental and Feedback.  They are essentially very diferent and require different topics and different presentations. The whole point of having all three types of blog on your website is to solidify your reputation as a go-to source for great, qualtiy content with in-depth information and reliable resources. 

Foundation Blogs


This is the bedrock of your blogging, the foundation for your content marketing website business. They are the meaty posts, that are well researched and well written.You will include images, documenation to support your comments, video/audio also as support.  The evergreen articles that will be there year in and year out. Of course this would only suit a certain type of blog and this is where each of the three blog styles differ.  Foundation posts futureproof your website, they have longevity.  Most posts get a flurry of activity within the first 2-3 days of being posted but then the action disappears or is very much lighter, bringing a small amount of traffic but nothing spectacular.  But Foundation posts are long lasting.. the bedrock of your website, keeping on giving year after year. It solidifies the feelings your audience has about your website and you as an entrepreneur – It isn’t good enough nowadays to publish lightweight blogs and expect to get through to your audience and get them to buy your product or service. They should be falling over themselves in their effort to purchase your product or service by the very blog they have just read.  Once they have read your foundation blog they will know how incredibly valuable you and your website is to their success.



What Is A Foundation Post?

This type of blog would be used for a tutorial  – something that is indepth and gives great detail on a specific subject such as mini instructional guides such as my blog about Tailwind.

This is an indepth post about Tailwind, a social media scheduler going into every aspect of the platform, explaining every detail of the scheduler. This is a new post but I expect that it will be around for a very long time and be one of my foundation blogs.

Great places to find topics for Foundation style blogs are Quora, Yahoo Answers, Google ‘People Also Asked’, a great way to find out what your audience really want to know.

I asked Google – How Do I Add A Link To My Blog?  and Google added these questions that my audience may be asking…

Other foundation posts may start ‘ 10 Ways To Find Killer Headlines’ or ’25 Tips On Pinning Quality Pins To Pinterest’

You know this type of blog will have some sort of list that will give you detailed content. This sort of content assists your audience quickly to find solutions to improve their business.

Foundation posts may also present as quick reference guides, a way of getting quality information into a blog in an informative, detailed way that your audience will find promptly.

A statistical based post would also be a foundation post. Whilst the statistics will become dated as time passes, it is still a mark in the sand at that point for which the statistics will still be relevant. 

A resource or curated post will also be a quality piece of work because it involves detailed analysis of the work being curated bringing authority to the article. 



So there must be benefits from writing a foundation post, after all, its going to take longer to write. 

– Your audience spends longer on the page. 

– Higher Google ranking! 

– A decrease in bounce rate.

– More social media shares so getting the word out about your website. 

– More traffic through the lifetime of your website. 

Promote Foundation Posts !

Fundamental Blogs

We can’t be writing foundation blogs all the time, otherwise nothing else would ever get done – all the research and imagery required for a foundation post would not allow for anything else and your audience will get cheesed off having so much to read. The chances are you will get a high bounce rate. Not good for business. 

The Fundamentals blog is the staple of your blogging. It is more competitive than a feedback post and more in-depth but clearly not as researched as the Foundation blog.  The fundamental blog will bring traffic to your website and it is a crucial part of generating that traffic. 

Fundamental blogs may answer questions such as these …………………….

Fundamental blogs may use more bullet points – with lists and quick summary boxes to get the points across faster for your audience. 


Clearly it is easy to get carried away with a blog and just keep on writing but with the clear focus of doing a fundamental blog, this keeps your thoughts controlled and your typing within the parameters of a fundamental blog.



– Quicker to write 
-They are well researched but do not take as long to do this.
-Easier for your audience to read
-Encourage readers to stay on your page longer.
– Reduced bounce rate. 

Feedback Blogs

Feedback blogs are the most straightforward. They require little research and are frequently a reaction to something that has been asked … a direct answer to a direct question.  They rank quickly and are written within an  hour. There are two ways of looking at a feedback blog, you can either be in the camp that these are the main blogs on your website, or you almost never write any because you can’t stop writing !   Feedback blogs are usually using low competition keywords that will get you onto the first page of a search engine quickly but the sudden popularity will disappear as quickly as it came, so spiking then fading. These are not blogs that hang around for long but they d attract your audience so a successful post ! 



These blogs are quicker to write, so means you have more time for other aspects of your business. They highlight the low competition keywords, some of which you may feel do not require a long article so a quick feedback blog will work well. They rank quickly, as I said but do disappear quickly too. But thats when the foundation blogs come into their own.


You should be writing around 1/3rd of your blogs in each category, giving you a well balanced and rounded website, with blogs that will get you ranked quickly and those that will be around for years. It allows you to build your website comprehensively, attracting your audience for a variety of reasons but being consistent with the quality of your work. 

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