What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online freelancing ‘marketplace’, that empowers millions to enable growth in their businesses and careers, have control on their work patterns and allow entrepreneurs with creative skills to connect with their customers. It works as a two-sided platform allowing the ability to hire contrators in a diverse number of fields of expertise from writing, translating, graphic design, video editing, programming. The services start at $5 and can go up to thousands of dollars…. each service offered is called a ‘gig’.

Fiverr was launched in 2010 and has hosted over 1.3 million gigs since 2012. Fiverr is ranked among the top 100 most popular sites in the USA and top 200 in the world. Fiverr has an iOS and andriod app making it even easier to find what you want, and monitor your business!

Its quick and easy to start finding a source of income from Fiverr as a seller, whether you are a hobbyist or a contractor and getting paid for something you enjoy doing has got to be an added bonus!

What Can Be Sold On Fiverr?

A gig is sold every four seconds on Fiverr, with over 50 million transactions in a price range from $5 to $10,000.

There are services and products offered through the Fiverr platform and divided into various specialties with each catagory broken into sub catagories with these then offering specific details of the service offered There are writers, designers, developers, video editors, musicians, voice-over artists, social media marketers…. There is even a guy that will dance on ice to any piece of music you happen to send to him… 3 minutes long, and he dances on ice! I have to say that is a very creative and innovative gig to come up with! You must have a skill that fits into one of the categories above. Take a look at some of the ‘gigs’ and discover what skills you could be using. You can search through the catagories or use a more specialised search using a keyword.

Fiverr offers various catagories under which the digital products are sold …

Graphic & Design :

Logo & Brand Identity, Gaming, Art & Illustration, Packaging & Labelling, Visual Design, Web & Mobile, Architecture & Building Design, Product & Character Design, Print Design, Merchandise.

Many designers here are very skilled. I learned illustrator so I could do more of my own illustrations but my skills are not up to the skills you will find here.

This is one of my illustrator efforts !

Digital Marketing:

Social & Content, Research & Strategy, Platform & Industry, Web Traffic.

Gigs offering to set up online tests, quizzes, market research with feedback, google and web applications. They offer SEO set ups.

Writing & Translation:

Online Content, Career Writing, Editing & Feedback, Brand & Marketing, Copy, Storytelling, Translation & Transcripts, Technical.

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have someone provide you with articles or blogs to post, increase your website content? There are people that will do that for you on Fiverr and will write it in english or any other language. You can get resumé and cover letters, get proof reading done, your ebook written, speeches and transcripts of conferences. Why do onerous work your self when you can find someone willing to do it for you!

Video & Animation:

Animation, Live Action, Photography, Editing & Post Production, Social & Marketing

Have you thought about using a white board or animation explainer video ? or a specialised product photography, food photography? You can get video ads for dropshipping or facebook/shopify or for your very own commercial.

I made an animation explainer video to explain to my readers about Wealthy Affiliate, the platform I use to gain knowledge about how to do my own SEO or ecommerce. Here is the explainer video I made, I had great fun doing it, and feel that if I wanted, I could earn money doing this. What do you think?

Music & Audio:

Voice Talent, Music Production, Vocals & Instrumental, Audio Engineering.

I never knew you could get jingles or rap songs to promote business, but you can ! You can use them on youtube or as a podcast for example ! Love this idea ! Use music to advertise your business on a poplar radio station or a fast paced american style music medley.

Programming & Tech:

Websites, Testing & Support, Software Development, Data Management

Do you need a mobile app building or a 2D game developed? You can also get data analysed with excel, spreadsheets, interactive dashboards or perhaps pub board in eagle pub design software.. I have not idea what that even means!


Operations, Consulting, Research & Strategy

In the business segment, designers can arrange lead generation through Linkedin sale navigator or b2b lead generation and build targeted email lists or product research for the best selling products on shopify or deep amazon research for private label products.


Self Improvement, Fun Videos, Leisure & Hobbies

Do you fancy having a pencil drawing or oil painting? Perhaps a digital illustration or a pop up card? Something special for a Christmas present or a birthday present. I had no idea that there was so much talent !

How Do You Start Selling On Fiverr?

Fiverr is quite upfront in helping you get the best from their platform. They show you best practices from some of their top sellers and have proven strategies that will enable you to also be successful on the platform.

At the start up you need to open an account. This is a straightforward process. Follow the video that walks you through the various aspects of Fiverr business.

They offer an online catalogue of services, show you how to achieve a great gig to attract the right customer with every step set out for you.

The online catalogue walks you through the whole process from how Fiverr works to creating your profile and creating a gig. They offer information on how to communicate with your customer, how to get the most out of each gig, to make the process of business easy for you and for your customer.

Ranking On Fiverr

So Fiverr rank their sellers depending on how long they have been selling on Fiverr and how much work they have done.

NewSeller – Self explanatory really – a relatively inexperienced seller.
Level 1 – A seller who has been selling for over 60 days and has completed 10 gigs with a high level of satisfaction.
Level 2 – A seller who has been selling for over 120 days and has completed over 50 gigs with a high level of satisfaction and high rated ontime orders.
TopRatedSeller – A seller who has been selling for over 180 days and completed over 100 gigs with an earning of at least $20,000 with the understanding they are keeping their customers happy.

Features On Fiverr

  • Global platform
  • Has its own messaging platform offering security and control and effective communication.
  • Built-in budget.
  • Easy to check your prospective contractors profile.
  • Offers a timeline for work completion within the gig.
  • Samples of work are published by the seller to ensure the
  • Funds are not released until the customer is fully satisfied.
  • Vast freelance marketplace.
  • Feedback from previous clients.
  • You can see what level the seller is, by the number of ‘gigs’ they have successfully completed, further adding confidence to your choice.
  • Smart filters match you with the preferred skillset you are looking for and rates from contractors.
  • Seller levels that allow for different bonus features.
  • Fiverr guarantees the client details are secure, and not released, only sufficient for the seller to be successful in their contract.
  • Work is upsold meaning that whilst you can have a basic deal, the seller will offer you bonuses such as faster delivery.

Tips On How To Get The Best As A Fiverr Seller

  • Be genuine and accurate with your profile. Truthfullness and transparency builds confidence in your brand.
  • Show an image of yourself, it is an asset for your customers to see that you are a real person.
  • Detail your full qualifications so you get a good reflection on who you are and your abilities.
  • Detail what languages you speak.
  • Sell your skills are your products.
  • Do not mislead, or misrepresent yourself and do not open duplicate accounts.
  • Go look at other ‘gigs’ before you set your own – look at where you would fit in the market, and what you might say in your gig creation.
  • Look at the catagory used by others in your niche.
  • Decide what services you will offer – how many revisions will be included in the price, what other upsells might you choose – less time, more revisions?
  • Consider carefully what information you need from your customer to be able to do the gig successfully.
  • Do you need your customer to upload any files to further assist you in completing the gig with success.
  • Mark important information as mandatory for your customer to complete.
  • Add images – recommended size 690x426px. Make sure they’re unique and relevant.
  • Be detailed in the description of your gig so your customer knows exactly what they are getting. Add an FAQ if you want.
  • Answer each customers queries promptly and acknowledge your understanding of their need. Be polite and respectful.
  • Fiverr recommend you keep all communication within the platform as this protects your rights.
  • Offer custom offers if you can, cater to your customer’s particular needs.
  • Use the order limiter to keep your workload manageable. Allow yourself sufficient time to properly handle orders.


Fiverr sounds too good to be true? It does have some downsides that need to be considered. For the customer, there is no recourse from Fiverr should you leave justifiably low feedback for one reason or another, the seller can counter your response and say what they like. This, I think is unfair, conversely the seller can be blackmailed by a buyer, by threatening to leave a poor review if free work is not completed. That is equally annoying. I have not tested this out with Fiverr support to see what their response would be.

I don’t think this would put me off selling on Fiverr but I think this shows how incredibly accurate you need to be both as a seller and buyer.

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