Evernote, Do I Need It?

Evernote is a note taking app that captures and prioritises your thoughts, so nothing falls through the gaps…. Thats an interesting statement from Evernote.  They offer a free basic version so I’m going to sign myself up and give you a detailed review on how it works and whether it u work for you in your business. 


EVERNOTE  – Do I Need It?

Evernote says that it helps people focus on what matters the most to them. Its tough to try and wade through all the stuff in our heads at times, and harder still to focus on the most important. Evernote says it can clear this fog and give you the focus to be more productive, so lets see what they say they can do. 



Evernote had a dashboard where you can access all your various notes, diary, news clips, meeting notes, projects and to-do lists. You won’t lose anything and with the evernote app saved in your bookmarks, easy to access. Nothing fancy about it, its a simple design but intuitive.

Evernote have a short tutorial at the start out, to show you where everything is located.


Evernote offers a weekly diary section that can be filled in with anything you have scheduled. You can add whatever note you want, giving each one a colour code. The diary template (one of many)  offers many different parameters such as the colour, the size of each collumn. 


Evernote offers dozens of templates to give a start off with almost any type of writing you might want to create. From the weekly diary to  goal tracking to menu planning to plan building. Each new note you start, the templates are offered so you can easily find and choose the right one. 

Notebook - To Do

A great To Do List, that you can schedule things you want to remember without specifically scheduling a day. I like these sort of lists as it means I can take the lists out of my head and reliably know I will be not forget them !

Add Attachments

You can add any attachment to your notes/meeting plans/ projects. In the top right corner drop down menu, you can choose attachment and this allows you to access your files on your computer and attach in the usual way. A great tool for those putting together meetings where other material is required. 

Evernote Clipper

The evernote clipper is a useful tool that I will certainly use. It is an app that you add to your browser that allows you to take ‘clips’ of information you later want to refer to or read again. I find things all the time and end up with a dozen tabs open in my attempt to not lose key informatoin I want to keep. This allows you to take a page clip or a section clip and send it to your Evernote dashboard where they are listed and easily accessible. 

Photo Diarise

Imagine you are in a store with an advertising up for a new product release that is riht up your street and want to remember it. Take a photo of it from Evernote. you can add a reminder of the date which will be added to your Evernote diary. You will also be able to search for any word you used in theat reminder to find it again. 


Access From Anywhere - Device Sync

With the app on your phone or tablet, you are able to to access your Evernote app to add notes, clips, whatever you want. It will all appear on your dashboard when you next log onto your computer. This also allows you to work offline by accessing your Evernote details.

Evernote Reconises Your Handwriting

Evernote can find words in photos or documents that have been scanned and stored in Evernote, so no piece of information is lost to you.  I have a habit of taking photos of things I want to remember to check out or to use, but then when I go to look for them, can’t find them. This will allow you to find those snippets of informatio quickly and easily. 

Evernote And Google

Evernote and Google can talk to each other. Evernote gives you a secret email address so you can store things from gmail into Evernote and email things from Evernote to your contacts.  This allows cross referencing and storing of all your important data onto Evernote. 


I think for most of us, the basic plan would work fine. These are the monthly prices, you can pay yearly if you want and  this works out cheaper. 


Evernote is a versatile time/schedule/workload management tool that offers three plans – basic, which is free, premium and business. They also offer a student plan that is 50% off the premium plan.

Evernote offers easy to use tools that can be used on computer, tablet and mobile so a straightforward access to all material across all platforms.  The everclip facility is particulary interesting in that they can be accessed off line (in premium) so handy if you commute to work and those pesky tube tunnels drops signal. Also useful is the scanner it offers and PDF facility, so covering all bases for document versatility. 

The price for Evernote is competitive with other similar tools on the internet. The use of this tool as part of an online business has distinct advantages if you are into using online material instead of hard copy diaries and notebooks. It keeps everything in one place and somewhere that isn’t going to lose the data or you forget where you put the info you are wanting to work on!

I like it and will be using the free version in particular the storage of articles and clips. I often have several tabs open with different things I want to go back to have a look at but worry that I’ll forget. This way I can clip it and know where it is for me to read later, Definitely worth a try anyway! 

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