What Is A Logo?

A logo is a symbol or other small design adapted by an organisation to identify its products, uniform, vehicles.. the trademark of the company. This is my logo… When I was designing this, I wanted it to be bold, to stand out and be remembered. It needed to show that it was to do with work in progress, so I included the cogs. I also wanted to have some sort of passage of time – the clouds floating by, to show that whilst I am working at showing you how to make money from a second job, that it takes time… Its not in your face screaming ‘online marketing’ but I think it conveys a calm business, with an undercurrent of work buzzing away…!

Why Does My Business Need One?

The simple answer is yes.

The logo is supposed to be the face of the company, it should communicate visually the unique identity of your brand, what you are about. Granted there are some that clearly have no bearing on what they’re about but they are so well known now, but way back at their startup, they more than likely didnt have two beans to rub together for advertising either and have grown up over the last 50-60 years into the brands we know so well. They will have started up the same way you are.

I love this particular brand of breakfast biscuit… Im not from the USA and it kills me that we don’t have any outlets in the UK. I have to beg family to bring the biscuits over when they come to visit… Everywhere I go in the USA, I look out for their very distinctive logo ….

This logo tells you what it might be about… clearly its a chicken so its got to be chicken take out… right?

Chick-fil- A – Founded in 1946 in Atlanta, Georgia, officially registered in 1967… No internet then, no mobiles, and probably for most folks, no TV either… Had to start from the ground up but what an awesome logo!

None of these logos actually tell you what they’re selling, but they are so well known there is no need. Single letters, symbols, distinctive writing – they make a significant impact on the public perception of their company.

One of the most important branding investments you can make is your logo. The face of your company – a powerful symbolic association connection to people’s memory. It is an important promotional tool to set your company apart from others.

Logo is short for Logotype. There are 7 types of logos – single letters, abstract, mascot, combo, emblem, pictorial, and words. I would consider mine to be pictorial. All work well, as the first touchpoint a customer will have with your brand.

There was a time when only big companies would have logos because of the expense, but now there are so many other ways of making logos using online generators, free images, illustrator, simple drawings.

Expense doesn’t need to be at the fore front when designing your logo at the early stages. You may not have access to illustrator skills or a graphic designer but you have other exciting choices as a start up. A stylish, eye-catching, easy to memorise logo is by far the best way to go at this stage. Later on, when you are making an income, you can get it properly drawn by a designer if you want but keep costs down in the initial stages of a new business.

Features Of A Great Logo

A logo is a brand identity in visual form so you stand out from your competitors. Its not something that has evolved since the internet started, tv has a huge input into logos, although we are all much more aware of particular brand logos since the world wide web. There are even quiz apps on your mobile you can play recognising logos from Audi’s rings to Wendy’s fresh country girl.

Iconic Logos – Nike, AOL, Apple, Homepride, Disney

Logos based on product – Michelin, FedEx

Unique Logos – Fonts – Sony, CocaCola, Disney, McDonalds, Burger King

All, I am sure you agree fulfil the following features of a great logo –

Memorable, Simple, Versatile, Appropriate, Timeless.

How To Create A Free Logo

Rather than spend a ton of cash getting a logo designed, start out small, use your brand as a marketing tool from the get go. It will represent your business brand, build loyalty and a logo that customers will come to recognise and trust.

There are a lot of companies on the web that offer free logo designs. You add in the various details that you want to feature on your logo, maybe some images, your company name..etc.. They will take you through the whole process of designing it, show you how it will look for your approval… then CHARGE you for it! The cheek… and the waste of time… so I have looked for ones that are totally free, you don’t have anything to pay, unless of course you want to pay for a particular logo.

Here’s what to do……

Hop over to www.freelogodesign.org

Easy to start – enter your company name and choose a catagory…

According to the catagory you choose, the programme generates various logos for you to choose from. This isnt the only choice though, you can customise it as you go along.

Click on the one you want to use and you can start customising – changing fonts/colours/sizes. You can move the text around, duplicate lines, curve the text, move the drawing around, even change the logo if you want.

The font is easy to curve, shape around your logo. You change the colour, or have it two tone. Change the font, and the size by elongating the box around the text.

You can play around with the colours/shading/positioning/fonts… Get it exactly how you want it.

Change the logo to give a completely different look… Each feature can be individually coloured, so you have complete control on customisation.

Once you have got it as you want, you can then download the logo!

It is a simple program to use but the results are impressive. The logo is excellent quality and looks great online. The program is easy to use, intuitive and straightforward ! If I can do it, so can you ! Hop over to FreeLogoDesign and make your own logo today.

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