Pinterest is a visual platform and has become one of the most popular social networks online riht now. Can I make money on Pinterest, well yes!….. in various different ways. it focuses on the social element of images. The pinboard style is a visual masterpiece that millions of pinners use to display their pins and orgnaise their favourite images into pin boards. 

Its seems too simple, but thats the success behind its rapid growth and they are the fastest growing  site in the history of the internet.  So we must get on board!

W, as affiliate marketers can utilise this and promote our blogs there as long as we follow a few rules when we pin.

The Pinterest Model

As an online marketer, we can use Pinterest to attract traffic to our website.  Using this builds a following to our boards and in turn improves the website ranking with search engines such as Google.

Other pinners will share your pins (repinning) to their boards, and lead to a wider reach for your website.

If you are using pinterest as a source of traffic, you need to build your following, otherwise you miss out on a huge opportunity. But this is something you can build into your daily activities.


Read an Inwardly Digest

 Pinterest has a few basic rules to remember when building your followers. These have changed recently, and theyre not rules per se, but more tips to help you get the most out of your hard work on Pinterest.  Pinterest is the most rapidly growing social media platform right now, we are visual race, so much more is what we see rather than what we read.

Due to this colossal growth, Pinterest are cleaning up their act, making their platform  work better for new information, relevancy. You know how you hate repeats on the TV? well Pinterest don’t like it either !

Pin Tips

How It


Pinterest Favours Fresh Pins

Pinterest  is putting emphasis on fresh content, and this is likely to accelerate as the year goes on. ‘Fresh pins’ are pins that they haven’t seen before, whether they are images or videos.

I think this includes….

  • New image to a just published post.
  • Different image to a post recently      published.
  • Different image to a previously successful post, to re-engage.
  • Same pin but to a different board and more than a week since the last post.

But I think that pins with the same image to the same post, even if you change the title or description, is NOT new and will be penalised.

New images with links to weak or irrelevant content will be penalised.

This is a new feature of Pinterest, since they  have changed their algorithms to favour recent, relevant content.


Relevancy Is Key

Forget what you have been told in the past about pinning randomly…. it’s no longer a thing. It’s all about being relevant, with links to posts and pages that enhance the information your audeince is looking for. If Pinterest don’t see the relevancy, it will not rank well… So do not waste fresh pins on irrelevant boards.



There were no issues with duplication in the past and you may be used to pinning the same pin to various boards and repinning… This is not the way forward. Whilst it is still ok to sparingly repin, you should be spending 80% of your time creating and pinning fresh, new, never seem before pins.


Quality Not Quantity

Pinterest is focusing more on relevant content which will increase the time involved in creating these pins. Well Pinterest expects us to have a natural pinning  model – this isn’t pinning 50-60 a day, that isn’t a natural pinning profile whereas 15-20 pins a day is a more natural pinning practice.

With this new practice, we should see better engagement  

Be aware that if Pinterest finds you are flouting the latest regulations, they will suspend your account. 

Features of a Good Pinterest Pin

5 features to a good Pinterest pin that will set your pin out above all the rest. Choose your own style for your business by following these 5 suggestions. 


How To Make A Pinterest Banner

Pinterest Vertical Banner

Pinterest recommend a 2:3 size ratio for pins. A vertical banner such as the one to the left is the size and shape favoured by Pinterest. As far as pixels – 1000x 1500 is the optimal size. So taller than wider.

Killer Headline

Choose a killer headline…

  •  A ‘sit up and think’ word – killer/awesome/number 1/altruistic/ubiquitous – you get it, a word that jumps out at the reader. 
  • Your Keyword/s 

I sometimes change the font to make it stand out better and use italics and capitals.

Eye Catching Image

A great image is important. If you can’t take the images you need, use a copyright free website with free images. 

Images should be:

  • Fresh
  • Appropriate for the topic
  • Clear and bright
  • Crisp


Consistent Brand Appearance

Right from the start, make sure you have a prominent brand appearace, one that is recognisable and stands out on any page. My plan with my business is that they will be immediatley recognisable to my audience on any page throughout pinterest. 

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