Full Service Web Design

Entrepreneur Smart offers a full web design service for the small business/ startup businesses.

We dont deal with large companies wanting a web presence as we offer a 1:1 service that works better for the small business start up, helping you build a solid web framework to show your business off ! 

Our Services

Helen at Entrepreneur Smart offers a full 1:1 service to get you from zero to indexed with Google, up and running for you to add content and grow your business online.

We only offer one level of service which is detailed below for a price of $500. (There is an ongoing fee of $15/month for hosting)


Branding of your website is critical…. It must ooze the appearance you want to convey. Have character and impress your audience. No point having a cutesy website if you’re promoting online games or a dark goth appearance if you’re into soaps! Fonts, colours, and logo all need thought and a clear focus on the way you will use them going forward. You want your brand to be recognised as soon as the website opens. 

Domain Name


Got to have a domain name! You can probably find a really good domain name for less than $30 so that is the cap on what we will provide, if you want one that is more than this, there will be a charge difference. We sort out the registering of the name and all the details involved in getting the domain prepared for use.


Web hosting is another aspect of having a presence online. Its the storage of your pages, blogs, articles etc on the server. We arrange this for you and charge a fee of $15/month for this service. Included with this support should you have any technical issues with your website. We would manage this for as long as you are using our  hosting service. 

Installing WordPress and Generate Press

WordPress is your website’s operating system. 

Just like your smartphone needs either iOS or Android to work, your website needs an operating system and we use WordPress.

It allows those of us that dont know code to be able to write online. You can add code if you want to but you dont need to know anything. 
Generate Press is the theme we recommend for your website. We start with this theme, its a premium theme ($50 but is part of our fee so not an extra) and versatile for most websites with a robust offering of features. Easy to use to create a great looking website. 


Search Engine Optimising is an important part of having a website. Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. This is automatically arranged for you on your website, so optimising it ready for content. There is always more you can do to improve the flow of traffic to your websitee, things such as site speed which are also helped by the hosting platform, but there will be a certain amount of work you will need to do over time to keep this healthy.  This is something we would support you with in the first 6 months so you know what you need to do going forward. 

Setting Up Email


We have various email platforms to choose from, all free for start ups which is a bonus. When you get to the point of having a LOT of email traffic, then things start to cost but usually that will take quite a lengthy time to get to that point.  All the systems will be explained to you so you can update and refresh as you want.

Instructions and Support

Whilst we will set everything up for you an have it prepped and running for you to add your content to, we will show you every aspect of it, so you can easily navigate your way around your website, writing content, adding photos and take over the running of your business.  We will show you in screen shots, detailed instructions. Generate Press is an awesome theme that is intuitive and builds a really amazing website. 

6 Months Maintenance & 1:1 Support

No point getting an amazing website up and running and then leaving you to fend for yourself so we will support you for the first 6 months, making sure you have a fully function website that is doing everything you want it to do and you are managing with the addition of content. 

Opportunity For Support On Specific Projects

We will still be here to offer support for specific projects within your website, whether you are looking to add an interactive menu or addind ecommerce to your site. 

Sample Website

We have designed some very interesting and diverse websites. This one, a natural soap and cosmetic maker wanted and adaptive theme, had some knowledge of wordpress design and wanted to use Divi Theme which interestingly is the same theme we use for our website here. For a startup its complex but certainly one we can discuss if you want this look for you website It is very adaptive and definitely does not look like a template theme. 

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

In today’s world, websites must be adaptive, they must load on all platforms, particularly mobiles. This is not an issue for us, easy to design and makes sure that your customers can reach you on any device !