There is always time for a side hustle. Im going to show you the side hustles for 2020 and I know you will see that there is one in there for you.

Side Hustles do not need to be permanent, maybe you want extra cash quickly for a garden revamp or that dazzling holiday to Bermuda… You dont have to have a longterm plan to need a side hustle.

There are a lot of temporary side hustles that you can set up pretty quickly without expense and really not a lot of time to get going.  You can choose how much or how little you do, depending on what funds you need ! 

A more longterm side hustle that is likely to bring in a more constant stream and higher revenue, will take longer to build up and the focus on this has got to be that it will take time to reach those lucrative heights, but with effort and long term strategies you wlll be achieving a much better, consistent income.

Why Would You Bother To Do A Side Hustle? 


1. Do something you love! You can pursue a passion that you dont get to do at work… We all have many skills and whilst you may be successful at work, it could be a boring job that brings home the bacon but doesnt set your world on Fire….

I started out as a nurse, which I loved, and way back then, I didnt have the luxury of doing a passion…. There was no internet and thinking outside the box took more finances that I had… It took many years before I was in a position to do anything about my creative passions… But I eventually got my cake design business up and running and for 20 years it was very successful, until I moved to Spain with my son so he could play tennis… I then realised I couldnt make cakes anymore, I love writing, english was a favourite subject at school, so started up this online side hustle, helping people start their own businesses!

2. Make More Money! This has got to be one of the biggest attractions for a side hustle… I do this as a full time job now but I still have a side hustle… Making natural soap!  Regardless of what you do, there is always a passion for doing what you love ! 

3. Financial Security! With the insecurities that came around with the covid-19 pandemic, I think you would feel its important to future proof your finances, in your control so should you lose your job or something like the pandemic happens again, you are not left high and dry… something in place to fall back on. 

4. Testing The Market  – It gives you chance to try out the market before you put all your eggs into one basket and go for it.. Much less worrying and time to build up your side hustle whilst still working at your day job. 

5. Get Going! Nothing stopping you..! No need to get employees or loans, no one else in control but you… That is a huge reason.. Take control of your own destiny! 




Short Term SideHustles

These are things that are easy to set up without any particular financial outlay on your part, except for the odd ad in the newsagent window or a Facebook ad, to attract your audience attention… so no biggie.

Do you have hobbies or skills that you love doing? Something you already have skills at, that you enjoy? This isnt necessary but a great place to start….. Nothing stopping you starting a new passion…. Read through my list of short side husltes… I am sure there is something that you will resonate with. You might have a goal you need to acheive, such as raising money for a new guitar or a holiday…….


DrivingFood/Grocery Delivery

If you have a car or small van, then this might be right up your street… Uber and Ubereats offer work to people with transportation and Deliveroo also takes on drivers to make deliveries all over the world, so there is likely to be a suitable hub in your neck of the woods. 

Online Surveys

Now whilst these do not pay big bucks, they will offer between $1-$20 per survey. You might have to wait a week or two for funds to start rolling in but choosing the surveys wisely, you can earn $300-$500 a week depending on your time.  Its not the most interesting work to do, so if you are simply wanting more funds, then worth giving it a try. 

Flipping Items For Profit On Ebay

Sounds like we are going to bid then let the sale go but thats not what flipping means. Flipping is purchasing wisely and cheaply or free (!) and reselling for a higher price. Might not be muck to start with but starting with nothing and making $100 is a significant increase.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Got to say that this isnt one of my favourite pastimes and definitely something I would not do…I hate poop! But if you like dogs and can offer a regular slot to your customers, you can earn a decent salary from your side hustle. Along with pet sitting whilst family are away, you could find yourself in some very interesting places and get exercise at the saime time.


Do you have practical skills? Can you st0p leaks, put up shelves, repair a fence, mow the grass? These are skills that others do not have and need. If you can offer a multitude of skills, there will be many in your community that need this help.. the elderly, disabled, those that are busy with their day jobs.  Advertise in local community magazines, the local free paper. 

Pool Cleaning

A side hustle that will have a definite life to it, getting it ready in the Spring, up keep through the summer then preparation for the winter. So very useful as a skill. Most areas that have many private pools would be glad of a pool person. Clearly some training with this would be an advantage. 


Tutoring can be a straightforward side hustle using your skills in whatever subject you teach… So much these days is dependent on results, so tutors are always needed. You could sign up with a platform online to promote you or use the local press and social mediat to promote yourself. 


I don’t enjoy cooking, because having spent 5 years in Spain in a small apartment with a small kitchen, cooking was a trial. But I know that if I could get a delicious meal to reheat or even for entertaining, I would prefer that to shop bought food with preservatives.

Ironing/Cleaning Skills

I think this is a no brainer. … Whilst it might not be the most thrilling thing to do, taking pride in your side hustle is important, whether you are ironing clothes or writing top secret programmmes for MI5.  You might feel that ironing isnt worth the time but I assure you it is… I hate ironing and will do anything to avoid having to do it. So there are tons of people out there like me that will pay to have it done. 

Car Valeting

Many people just dont have the facilities to wash and vac their own cars… living in apartments or having to park their cars on a road…. so you could be a roving car valeter… This is something I could do… I like cleaning out my car, its a bit like getting into bed made with fresh sheets , a clean car makes me feel that Ive a new car!   Fairly easy to set up and you can do as much or as little as you want. 

Sport Coaching

Are you a good sports person? Do you have skills you could pass onto younger players? This kind of side hustle takes a bit of time as you have to be crimial checked to work with kids, but once that is sorted out, you are good to go… There might be out of hours training as it will usually be after school but there are tons of clubs that would be glad of your expertise. 

Proof Reading/Writing

If english is your forte, this would be idea… Being able to read a manuscript, picking out the spelling and grammar mistakes is a skill for the meticulous.  I had a proof reader that read one of my books, she did not pick up that when the book had been changed from UK English to USA English that one of the ingredients had been fundamentally changed!  I was so relieved to find my manuscript was correct..I hadnt seen the proof before it was sent for printing.

Teaching a Foreign Language/Translating

Learning a foreign language is not as easy as you might think, especially as you get older, so this is a skill that is often sought out.  Alternatively, like me, who couldnt learn spanish despite living there for 6 years, I took a course to teach english as a foreign language – CELTA, it took 6 months but was great fun and gave me another string to my bow… 

Developing A Side Hustle! 

Where Do You Start?

This can be a struggling point.. brain freeze and you think you cant do anything ! Well I’ve bee there too !  Makes you feel useless… so answer the following questions then tell me that you don’t have any skills !

What are your hobbies? Get them paying !

What do you do when you are watching tv?

What do you do when you aren’t at work?

Do you play any sports?

Do you have a skill from your schooldays that you haven’t tapped into yet?

Can you see any gaps in the market?

How much can you afford to put into your side hustle?






If you need more inspiration there is a book you can get that you might find helps you concentrate your thoughts into what you would like to do….






Most Profitable Side Hustles

To give you a bit of a headstart and get your thoughts running, Ive compiled a list of the most profitable side hustles for you to consider. Some will required a small amount of outlay but otherwise, you will be able to start them up with next to no investment.

Bear in mind that for some you will need to start up a website, but that doesn’t have to cost much and I can help you with that aspect. Follow my link below and I will show you how to get a website up and running within minutes. 


Great Side Hustles

Selling on Ebay/Craigslist/preloved/Schpock/Etsy

Whether you have a product you make or have stuff to get rid of, this is a good way to start. No need for a website, and its a really cheap to get going.

Have you heard of Ebay Flipping? Choosing products that are relatively cheap, buying on ebay and then relisting to get a better price.. Start off with something relatively cheap, maybe seasonal, no electronics/phones/perishables. It can be time-consuning to start but less so as you get to grips with it.

Services on Fiverr

There are a lot of gigs on Fiverr from voiceover work to graphics, logos, digital marketing, labelling, cooking lessons, life coaches, virtual assistants…  You might want to consider taking a course or two to hone your skills so you can ask more for a gig. Whilst some prices might be lowish, you could start low and build up. I use Fiverr for all the stuff I can’t do or don’t have time for.





Dropshipping is something I would really like to do, if I had the time… There are companies you can do this through, if you choose or go it alone.. Read my blog about dropshipping, it sets out the process which is not as complex as you might think!  –What Is Drop Shipping? 

White Labelling/Private Labelling


White labelling is having someone else produce your products for you, you havce control over the product. Private labelling is where you purchase someone else’s products and labelling them from your own business. Depending on your side hustle and your experience and knowledge, you could consider  this and it is all perfectly legal and depending on what you choose to white/private label will depend on who much profit you can make from each product. You will need a website for you sales and social media to start with but these are not expensive.

Take a look below for details on how to start your own website. You do not need to have someone do it for you, I can show you how to do it.  Look at Affiliate Marketing below. 



Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest ways to start a side hustle. It is straightfoward to set up your website once you have decided on a niche to work in. Read more about affiliate marketing here and how to build your website here – Starting Your Own Website Business.  I used a platform when I started out called Wealthy Affiliate which supported me right from the start, giving me training in affiliate marketing – Wealthy Affiliate, A Community Online.




Artisan Skills 

We all have some artisan skills that we might not recognise – crochet/knitting/soap making/photography/green fingers…. These are things that you might not consider worth eploiting, but if you love doing the craft, then make something from it! I can crochet but nothing like some of the stuff I see for sale, so I end up having to pay someone else to do it for me. There is a market for quality products… 


Taxi Driving/Uber 

I love driving, but for this you need to have your own car and a clean licence. I don’t have any experience with uber but have used a lot of taxis. Whilst it probably means you wont be working for yourself, it could well be that extra income you are looking for.

Gardening/Selling Plants

This takes a bit of time to get going with and a certain amount of space, but if you have green fingers, you can be planting and potting on in a greenhouse making plants to sell both locally in a farmers market but also online. Plants travel well in the post so with the right packing you can sell countrywide. Working on someone else’s garden can also be productive, offering a bespoke service to your customers is a lucrative side hustle. Get your website set up by following my link below  and I will help you getting started. 



This sounds expensive, but its not…. Im not thinking of Red Robin or McDonalds but a local franchise to your state or county. There are so many to look at, with little outlay – cleaning, care and repair, gardening, sports, child care.  Many of the companies offering franchise do give continuing support and training, which adds to the value of your business going forward. 

Website Building.

Something that I like doing!  Especially websites like mine that are run on wordpress with Divi theme – not the easiset to crack and if your customers really dont want to be bothered with doing it thenselves, you can do it for them! If you write code then you have a skill! 

Build Your Website Today!

Everyone can start a side hustle, with little to no investment. Those that have no knowledge of building a website can get the help they need by clicking the banner above, and get that website up and running within a few minutes. Im at WA too, so I will help.

Your future is in your hands, start a side hustle today!

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