Affiliate marketing is big business with millions of entrepreneurs around the world creating affiliate websites doing the same thing, earning commission from products that fit their niche. Its a huge market but even so we need to know the inside secrets to get the upper hand in this business. Im going to tell you the secrets of Affiliate Marketing to keep you ahead of the game! 


Affiliate marketing is a frustrating business, frustration at not making a cent in commission yet pouring your all into your niche. It’s the long game, perseverence and complete belief in your niche business and a few extra secret tips to really fine tune things will really improve. Your failure to achieve a commission is nothing you are doing wrong and simply down to not having all the affiliate tools in your tool box. But Im here to fill that gap and give you 10 secret tips that will turn the tide and bring success.

Its not necessarily anything wrong you are doing but stuff you aren’t doing and likely you’ve been told this in your affiliate marketing training but didn’t realise the significance.

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So let’s find out what to do to turn a good affiliate marketing business into a great one!

1. Quality Content

We all have our goals.. Write 5 blogs a week, fill it with affiliate links, bulge the site with ads, videos +++ . This is all fine and dandy and whilst content is key, QUALITY content is really what you must have. You need to create a site of trust that oozes reliable information.  Content is clear, you have a presence online but to build this and attract traffic, it needs to be well written, packed with information about the product you are promoting that shows you are the lead  knowledge in this field. Dont think this is the end of it either, revisiting, writing different articles about the product, posting on social media, keeping it in the picture and building quality for the product. A random review doesn’t build value, link back to it, own it ! 

2. There Is Life Outside Google

One of the biggest mistakes affiliate marketers make, and I am guilty of this, is to concentrate on Google. It’s true that its the biggest search engine, with over 70% of the market but don’t forget Yahoo & Bing another 18% with various others taking up the rest. And not only Google, but YouTube, LinkedIn, social media. Utilise all your opportunities. The affilate marketing business is huge, so spread yourself around! Take a look at this article on Marketing Charts, it gives great insight into what types of content generates leads that convert 

3. Steer Clear Of Shiny Objects

I was warned very early on about the shiny objects that come along that tell you life will be so much better as an affilaite marketer if you only had this plugin or that template or content planner. I joined Wealthy Affiliate when I started my affiliater marketing business and my mentor warned me that these trinkets may sound like the holy grail to affiliate marketing and they’re not. Profit trickles away when you are tempted by empty promises of affiliate millions.

4. Commissions Vary

Commissions you earn as an affiliate marketer vary from merchant to merchant. Amazon is the easiest merchant to get on board with but their commission is pretty poor right now It varies on what the product is but I would honestly say that if you can find an affiliate program else where than Amazon, you are likely to pick up a much larger commission. Look for  lifetime commissions ( gifts that keep on giving), usually on subscriptions – like Wealthy Affiliate. When I joined I followed a link in a blog, subscribed and have stayed ever since. The person who’s link I clicked is still gaining from my subscription even now 3 years later.  Look for Affiliate merchants that offer good rates, if you can’t find one for a product, contact the manufacturer, ask for a commission!

5. Keep To Your Niche

Understand your niche, your audience and don’t muddy the waters with barely related products. It looks desperate and dilutes your experience and damages your brand. You want your audience to trust you, to come back and believe in you, so be confident in your niche, you’ve got this !

6. Do You Look Good?

Hahaha ! Well of course you do!  But what about your website ? Do you good on laptop, tablet and mobile? Don’t ignore each platform. More and more users access webistes on their mobiles so make sure your site loads well and is responsive on all devices. 

7. Discount Codes

Keep your eye out for discounts being offered on your affiliate products. This is a perfect sale email to send to your subscribers or at the very least a blog with posting onto social media. By making them available to your audience it shows you are constantly ‘on the ball’ with your business, the products you promote, building confidence and trust with your audience. You may find that your affiliate merchants will send you discount codes to pass onto your audience to encourage purchases. 

8. Free Samples

This follows on from the previous point. Finding sites that offer free samples or free  trials of your target products is another ideal advertising point. This again shows your audience that you have your finger on the pulse of affilate marketing in your niche and are alert to passing on these great offers to your audience. Keep them fresh, when they run out makes sure they’re off your site pronto! You are much more likely to get conversions with this level of detail. Take a look at this article on Marketing Charts showing that free samples and in particular free trials/loyalty programs do convert well. I know that I am always more attracted to free trials especially if I dont have to add my credit card details. It makes me try stuff that otherwise I might not have bothered. For example, Jaaxy  -a keyword tool – free trial on that (first 30 keyword searches ) I went premium pretty quickly !

9. Compare/Review

Compare and reivew competing products in your niche. Reviews and comparisions are super helpful to your audience and the more experience and trust you have, the more traffic you will get. Trust in a site builds and so does traffic so do not be tempted to never find fault with any of your products. What you see as a flaw is not necessarily what your audience sees. Honesty is paramount. Never claim anything that is not true, it makes you look foolish and damages your integrity as an authority in your niche.

10. Banner Ads

Now there are some that may not agree with me here but slapping banner ads all over your website disrupts the clear reading enjoyment of your audience and will hurt you. I know how I feel on websites with them. I cant decipher where I am suppsoed to go next for the next bit of information. Up to you of course but I dont do it. I have some in the side bar, out of the way of my blog. Yes you can make money from them but audience satisfaction is more important to me.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line with affiliate marketing is perseverence. This isn’t a ‘ oh I’ll give it a month and if Ive not earned anything I’m not going to waste my time.  This is for the long haul. You have to persevere and persist even when you may not have full conviction in what you are doing.  In a recent film competition, the teams were set a specific set of rules for a 5 minute film – they had to include toilet paper, it be on the topic of going viral, it had to make sense and must be completed in 72 hours. Could it be done – well watch it here !  


If you want to read more about affilate marketing secrets, hop over to Apple Podcasts and listen to Leo Emery talk on that subject. 


Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or would like to know more about the topics raised in this blog ! Happy marketing !

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