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I trained as a nurse way back in the early ’80’s in the good old National Health Service in the UK.  It was when things were more vocational….I chose it and worked as I learned, no university degree. The work was hard, we were short staffed, and short of money… so really nothing has changed!   It was during the days of long nightingale wards, rows of patients. Helen

Well life has changed, at least for me. Way back then there was no internet, no online work, it was a dim and distant glimmer in the mind of computer scientist, Tim Berners- Lee who in 1990, invented what we recognise today as the world wide web.

The world opened up and online work was born… I wish it had been around when I started nursing, I really could have done with an extra income from online marketing. A nurses salary was very limiting, especially as I had an expensive sport – ice skating. I was lucky to be living in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK and nurse training at Leeds General Infirmary.  Bradford had a great ice rink so I could continue my nurse training and skate too.  But life would have been easier with the online business I have now.


I know the struggle of balancing my cheque book at the end of the month  – I know!…cheque book…. what is that ! ????  Well it was a nightmare and I remember one time, the bank manager rang my dad (!!!) to tell him that I had overspent and that he would have to cover one of my cheques… the embarrassment. You couldnt get away with that now, it would be definitely against all privacy regulations !

I want to help struggling nurses, EMT’s, paramedics, physios balance their finances every month. Everyone works tremendously hard to care for our sick and elderly, often working long overtime hours.. To have an online business that is earning money whilst you are doing your day job has got to be satisfying!


My reason for this website is to show you how you can have an online business that will bring you additional funds each month to take off the stress and daily struggle. The website will show how to acheive a thriving business with information, blogs, articles that will enable you to build an online business in your chosen niche. You will be guided through all the steps to online freedom. No scams but honest work ! It will take time, and hard work, but so worth it for financial freedom.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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